thread: Tell me about your induction....

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    Jan 2010

    Tell me about your induction....

    Ok, I've just been told I'm being induced tonight. I'm nervous. I have been expecting this due to a series of complications throughout the pregnancy but its still nerve wracking to know its actually happening. I've heard it's worse than a going into labour naturally.

    Please tell me what yours was like.

    If you know me on Facebook, please nothing on there. We are only telling one person, who is looking after DD for us.

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    Re: Tell me about your induction....

    I have had 2 inductions, 1st and 2nd baby. I had an epidural that wore off with ds1 and no drugs etc with 2nd baby. I didn't find them any more or less painful then my 3rd who was a spontaneous labour. But I did find the medicine can make the contractions wave on top of each other and that can need a lot on concentration to deal with.

    Relax, breath and you will be just fine

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    Here's mine.

    Lily's surprise leisurely arrival (LOOONG!)

    Good luck hun! You get to meet your new little person soon! How exciting! Try to relax. It will make it all go more easily. Focus on meeting your baby.

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    My first two births were inductions (AROM and drip) and they were fine, easy and drug free. So don't stress too much, inductions can be lovely births! While I do think they were more painful than my natural birth, they were not less manageable and I found the slowish stop start of my natural labour a bit frustrating!

    Good luck!

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    My first was an induction. It went fairly smoothly except he decided to stop moving as he was too comfortable. I did tear a little but not too much, probably as he then decided to move at the speed of light to get out. Came out all in one go, the little monster.

    I spent most of my labour on my back as it was the most comfortable for me but the shower was also fantastic.

    They wanted to monitor continuously but the midwife was understanding when I told her to get lost (not that politely).

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    Good luck chody! My DD was induced at 11 days over, it doesn't have to be scary or worse than a 'normal' labour and birth. Here's my story:


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    Tell me about your induction....

    I won't tell you my story because there a so many things at play that made it bad. But I have been told that it is fine by others and theirs went really well. Good luck with everything

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    Tell me about your induction....

    Both mine were inductions, but if you're looking for only good stories I suggest you skip Amelia's. And of course just read the birthy parts of Ianto's

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    Dec 2008

    I had 3 inductions, all were straight forward, 2 were pain relief free and no horror stories report. Good luck xx

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    Sep 2011

    Tell me about your induction....

    Mine was an augmentation with syntocin - the pain is very manageable if you concentrate and don't let it get on top of you.

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    I was induced. Long time ago It was fine. I had a drip and my waters were broken a couple of hours in. The contractions start stronger than they would with a birth that isn't induced if you are on a drip (syntocin??)

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    3 Children and 3 inductions all vaginal births. First time gel x 2, second time 1 lot of gel and third time waters broken no gel.

    Inductions are not something to be frightened of, they can be positive and empowering.

    I did opt for an epidural in all three, I don't think that had anything to do with being induced, more my pain threshold.
    I had a little tear for my third, no episiotomy third time round, the first two I did, could be the OB?

    All my births have been positive, It is something I think back on and am very proud of.

    I hope you get the experience you want tonight and I look forward to seeing your Birth Announcement xxx

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    I won't tell you my story because there a so many things at play that made it bad. But I have been told that it is fine by others and theirs went really well. Good luck with everything
    Ditto (I was also induced at 36 weeks with high BP). I've heard lots of great birth experiences from friends though who were also induced, so don't feel weary. Birth is daunting enough when we're going through it, just enjoy the ride and for your new little person when its the right time!

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    Nov 2010
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    I've had two inductions, both of them vaginal births although DS wound up needing a vacuum extraction (cord around the neck and crashing heart rate, not related to the induction itself) - I class them both as fairly positive and straight forward experiences, it's certainly nothing to be terrified of.

    Try to stay as active as possible and work with your body - the induction drip is just giving you a little kickstart.

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    Sep 2011

    Tell me about your induction....

    I had to be induced too. Vaginal birth as a result. I found the pain manageable and I had a big baby. Just dig deep and believe in yourself and your body. I was worried when I realised I had to be induced. Have a beautiful birth!

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    Induced 9 days after EDD. ARM and syntocin given. Contractions were quite painful but were syntocin was slowly increased (took 3 hrs) for contractions to be regular at 2 mins.
    Started with gas for pain relief and then epidural. Labored for about 8 hrs (fro
    Regular contractions). DD got distressed and I ended up with a c-sect but DD was born with apgars Of 9 & 9. My recovery was excellent.

    Wishing you all the best!

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    Oct 2008

    2x inductions (1 with gels and 1 AROM) and with both I say the induction was what kicked labour off but after that it was just a 'normal' labour - so it doesn't have to be different or harder Both great births and 2 very lovely outcomes
    Good luck, I know I was petrified before my first induction but once labour started and I got in the labour 'zone' it really didn't matter how I got there, my body and mind just did it's thing.

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    For every negative story, there are many more positive stories I had my waters broken, and syntocin drip. I think it depends on how much they are giving you and how your body reacts to it and to labour. I started on 6, then after an hour they put it on 12, then after another hour or two they put it on 24. 6 & 12 were manageable, 24 was not so much. I had an epi 8hrs into the induction.

    It's probably too late now, you might have already had your bubba But one thing I found hard was the almost constant monitoring. I have since learned you can negotiate with them! I was induced with my first and pretty much went along with everything they said/did. Hindsight tells me I should have had more say in it!