thread: Tell me about your induction....

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    Thanks for the info everyone! They've now decided to wait til the morning since my last labour was so quick and my ob wants to be close by in case baby doesn't cope (she's only expected to be 2kg). It's good to see that there are positive stories too. I guess we will see how it goes...

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    Tell me about your induction....

    Mine was fine manageable until the last hour, it was quite painful but I have no other labours to compare with

    But mine was a bit different I was induced 10hrs after my water broke and nothing happening so after I was induced with synto drip I went into labour and 5 hrs later ds was born after 3 pushes

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    I was induced with my boys due to them both being 12 days over.. Had water's broken both times. 1st time labour started on its own half hour after, very progressive, DS born 5.5 hours later with gas as pain relief. 2nd time I had oxytocin drip because bub was still 'floating' and they were worried about cord coming down under his head. Labour was more intense. Not so much more painful, just very fast, bub born 2.5 hours later without pain relief. Can't compare to spontaneous labours.

    Hope all goes or is going well! Good luck!

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    My induced labours were 3hr for ds1 and 90min for ds2 (my natural was 2hr) so they are probably wise to wait if that's beneficial for bub.

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    I had a successful, beautiful VB with DS3 following induction (he was 2 weeks late, DS1 and DS2 arrived prior to EDD ).

    I'll keep it short-ish and simple ... had one shot of gel inserted around 7.30pm and I was only 1cm dilated prior to gel insertion, immediately started with mild contractions which ramped up considerably over the next 2-3 hours. Having birthed naturally twice before (with 7 hour labours from slow gradual build-ups to births), I estimated I was approx 6cm when it rolled around to 9.30pm when they did internal to check my progress. Nup. Still only 1cm . Felt a bit disheartened as my head and body told me I was much further advanced. Was talked into having a nap on the ward (hubby went home for a rest). Was put to bed at 10.30pm and hypnobirth breathed my way through some good contractions while relaxing my body into a semi-sleep. Next thing "pop" ... waters broke. It was 11.30pm. Went to loo and by the time I got back to my bed, whoompa ... into transition. Very quick call to hubby "GET HERE NOW!" and breathed my way through the next 45 mins to birth my 4.5kg bubba just after midnight. Was a memorable, quick and beautiful birth. Hubby made it back with 10 mins to spare.

    I'd really worked myself up into a doozy about the induction (I'd tried everything from acupunctre to DTD but he just wasn't complying) and I was so worried about the "cascade of interventions". But my body was ready to birth, and bub just needed a gentle prod, so to speak. Given he was 2 weeks overdue, he made up for it with his super speedy delivery

    Though ultimately quick, DS3's birth was actually easier as I was on my knees (I was on my back with the other boys, though didn't have any probs and had short pushing phases). To me, it was almost like I'd had a spontaneous labour given my membranes ruptured of their own accord. At least the birth itself felt no difference from my first two.

    Be positive hun and my big tip ... negotiate, negotiate, negotiate before letting them break your waters/use synto etc. I made it clear I wanted plenty of time inbetween "the next step" to get things going myself, and my midwives were brilliant. They helped every way they could to ensure I got the birth I wanted. As it turned out, I didn't need anything beyond the gel.

    So I hope my successful induction story gives you some reassurance. Good luck tomorrow morning hun
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    double post
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    Just jumping in to say good luck tomorrow and enjoy meeting your little girl x