thread: Tips to prevent further intervention during induced labour?

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    Tips to prevent further intervention during induced labour?

    So I'm currently 41 weeks, cervix is moving forwards and starting to open (Dr could touch the head but not easily reach membranes) but my bp is starting to misbehave more than it already was - so the decision has been made to go in for induction tomorrow morning. We're going to start with a dose of gels, and then see how things progress from there, I've already asked for as little other intervention as possible with regards to monitoring (which I know will be necessary with the combo of induced labour and iffy bp) and am holding off on the epidural unless I reach a point where either my bp causes serious issues or I feel like I can't cope anymore. All of this has been a joint discussion with my ob and we both feel it's the best way forward, so I'm not really asking for the pros and cons of the induction itself.

    What I guess I am looking for is if there's any other tips or advice on how to approach the birth to avoid the need for further medical intervention like instrumental delivery or caesar. I am fortunate that I have experienced a positive induction already despite my lack of knowledge with DD but having learnt a bit more about what can happen I'm aware that that was probably a bit of a fluke - this time I want to be a bit more proactive about it

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    All I can say is just because you're strapped to machines doesn't mean you have to be still. Don't spend the entire time laying down, let gravity do its thing too. make it the job of the midwives to keep the monitors on you! - that's what I did

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    All I can say is just because you're strapped to machines doesn't mean you have to be still. Don't spend the entire time laying down, let gravity do its thing too. make it the job of the midwives to keep the monitors on you! - that's what I did
    Did for me when I had Amelia, but I was so meek (aside from the swearing and screaming ) that I didn't argue I wish I could go back and stick up for myself... My advice would be to do what I couldn't!

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    I went into full labour at 41 weeks after just one dose of gel. If you are ready, it can put you into labour by itself. I would advise give each step a chance to work before progressing to the next one.

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    From your previous posts its sounds like you and your OB have a really good relationship, so I think if you just tell him tomorrow when you get started that you want to take things slow, you should be ok.

    FWIW, I was induced with DD1 at midday on a Tuesday for pretty much the same reasons as you - past dates and my blood pressure rising too much. Gels inserted and then nothing else done for the day. My cervix started dilating but really nothing. Next morning OB broke my waters and then nothing again until noon when a drip was started at very low levels. After still not much progress it was my choice to crank the drip up to get things moving late afternoon. I asked for an epidural around 6pm because I had had a sleepless night and was totally exhausted. DD1 was born that night with absolutely no (further) intervention at all. Prior to the epidural I had portable monitors hooked up so I could still stand in the shower, walk around etc. The whole way through my OB was happy to let me dictate what was happening - my blood pressure had dropped a bit, bubs was not distressed so we just waited it out.

    Best of luck. Looking forward to your BA

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    Use a telemetric ctg if possible. You should be able to use it in the shower. Otherwise, as Helle said, get off the bed. Pace as far as you can. Use the fitball. Tell them not to offer drugs unless your BP is a problem. Breathe. Talk to baby. Visualise opening. Even say "open" as you breathe.

    Use TENS if you can get one. Maybe send someone out to hire one in the morning.

    Use heatpacks and pressure for any discomfort. Know, even if it gets tough, it will end. You can do it. You can rock birth. You've done it before, you can do it again.


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    Oh have a wonderful day tomorrow, try to sleep tonight my advice would be to have ten minutes to yourselves to make the decision to move forward with the induction. Rather than being told what's happening next

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    Keep moving! As Helle said- gravity is your friend!! And I am a huge believer in breathing through the contractions.

    Best of luck- exciting times and I look forward to your BA Hun xxxx

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    Yeah, pretty much what everyone said. Do get some rest!
    Hope all goes really, really well for you both tomorrow!

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    I was induced and found I could easily sit next to the bed and stand up / use a fitball when needed whilst hooked to the machine. I much preferred to labour that way.

    Good luck!


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    Do things your way as much as you can and keep active as long as you can. Be stubborn with what you want. I was able to end up with just my waters broken and no further intervention (wanted epi but started pushing). Also pant and take in their advice Good luck chicky

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    Thanks so much everyone

    I'm so excited...I get to meet my little boy tomorow! Now if I could just figure out this sleep thingo, I'd be right...

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    Oh good luck, will be thinking of you tomorrow! Hope everything goes well, I'll be stalking for your birth announcement (sorry I have no experience with being induced but couldn't help popping in)

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    Thinking of you CK!

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    Happy birthing

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    thinking of your CK & hope it all goes well for you today looking forward to reading your BA

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    Not sure if you will get this in time but I just wanted to wish you all the very best today!

    Looking forward to your birth announcement.

    Take care and stay strong x

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    Goodluck ck! you'll be on my mind today.can't wait to hear the news and hopefully a newborn snuggle at the zoo

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