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Thread: VBAC and induction

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    Default VBAC and induction

    I am just over 38 weeks and the "get this baby out" itch has begun! My real concern is that I will be going for my second VBAC so the hospital are cautious about induction. I had two stretch and sweeps before 40 weeks last time which I think helped this along. I wont be seeing a doc till 41 weeks so a S&S before then won't happen. I guess my question is what forms of induction can they use if I go over?

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    For the best outcome it would be best if they used no induction methods

    However my OB was going to do the balloon method, that's the least risky.

    I went to 12 days over with my first vba2c and 11 days over with my second vba2c - so you can always negotiate more time if you were willing.

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