thread: Who didn't tell their family/friends?

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    Jul 2009

    Question Who didn't tell their family/friends?

    I had an OB appointment today where i was told on thursday i have another appointment for a well-ness/wellbeing test and booking my induction for next week.

    Of course it is very likely i could go into labour myself which is something i'm very keen for but in the event i have to be induced i'm not sure i want to tell anyone..

    I'd like to have the birth a surprise plus i don't want to be recieving phonecalls/texts throughout and/or being bombarded with visitors right away.

    So, who didn't tell their induction date and how did it go with family and friends?

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    Jul 2007

    We only told my parents (not brothers) and DH's parents (not sister) and My best friend that was all that we told. I wanted the whole surprise when I rang or sent SMS's.

    When DS2 was born only my parents and best friend knew CS date!

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    Oct 2009
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    I told my parents and brothers (had to tell my mum since she was going to be there, and the boys because they would wonder where Mum went ) but that was it. I shared on BB, but no huge announcement kind of thing. No-one else had any idea. I think I even updated my Facebook a couple times on the day to throw people off haha

    So, it has come to this.

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    Dec 2011
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    I was booked in to be induced Wednesday last week but the little man kick started things himself so only my waters needed breaking.

    I told my mum (shes in England) and my sister (so she could organise to drive down, be with me and my BIL look after DD) and I told my boss.

    Since having him not many people were have been told I was due to be induced anyway, they just think he came on his own. I purposely didn't tell people as I'd already had weeks of nagging about his arrival and was 9 days over.

    Good luck

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    Jul 2009

    I'm trying to think up a good fib! I kind of regret sharing so much on FB.. Maybe i'll give the wrong date!

    For now we will only have my mum know as shes babysitting DD for us.

    Good idea about updating on FB, if i get DP to write a few random things it will throw people off! I'm already getting messages asking me if ive popped because im quiet for a few hours!

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    I had an induction with my first birth and told family & friends...big regret!!

    With my second birth, only my parents knew we were in 'real' labour (no induction)-and that was because they were looking after DD during the birth. NOBODY, including my parents knew he had been born until 30mins post-delivery. It was important for me to have MY baby to MYSELF during that time.
    I had a very disappointing birth first time around, with a traumatic recovery period. Having all those people in my face added to that. I was adament not to let it happen again.
    If I EVER have the chance to birth again, it would be at home, with just my DP, DD, DS & MW.

    All the best for his hatchday darl

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    Mar 2008

    We told my mum and stepdad as they would be looking after DD1, and four of our friends (two live next door so would have noticed mum's car here lol). Once we called everyone when DD2 was born and said I'd been induced, we got quite a few "Why didn't you tell us?". But like you, I didn't want the phone calls and I also expected it would go a lot slower than it actually did. Nobody took any real offense. Well as far as I'm aware anyway.

    As it was, DD2 was born at 1am so we didn't tell anyone other than mum until much later!

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    Nov 2008
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    we didn't tell any friends or extended family.

    we only told immediate family because I'd already been in labour for two days when I eventually got induced

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    Oct 2007
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    Didn't tell anybody anything either time until after baby arrived.

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    Sep 2008

    We just told our immediate family. Afterwards I didn't make an announcement that I had been induced a week early, but some people asked if I was because he was a week early so I told them why he was induced.

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    Jul 2009

    I had a chat with DP about it further and we decided just to fib all together and claim they can't give us a definite date due to being busy etc etc and try make out i went naturally which fingers crossed i end up doing!

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    Dec 2006
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    my folks knew (mum was at ob appt with me and then had to take me to hospital cos DH was away), bro and sil knew (sil was going to be there for photos when needed, so she was on call) - and i think one BB person knew (she was my doula via sms lol) - apart from that, i think feeb guessed, and after about 36 hours (mine was a slooooooooooow induction) MrsNerdBurger texted so i told her too

    apart from SIL (who was there), no one knew about DD's arrival until i rang mum almost 2 hours later, then SIL texted bro, and then i texted everyone else

    i'd start going quiet on FB now - make an announcement that you're make an announcement when the baby arrives, but you're planning on resting leading up to the birth and would appreciate people leaving you alone until you make it public that bub is here

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    Jan 2007

    I wish I didn't! I went in on the Thursday night to be induced and didn't have her until the Saturday morning so people were beside themselves thinking something was wrong. With DS and a scheduled cs we only rind family. I would just be evasive and say you are going to let bub choose their birthday and won't be induced until necessary!

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    Jan 2007

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    Oct 2007
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    i'd start going quiet on FB now - make an announcement that you're make an announcement when the baby arrives, but you're planning on resting leading up to the birth and would appreciate people leaving you alone until you make it public that bub is here

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    Jan 2010

    DD1 we told mum as she was with us for the delivery. DS we told mum for the same reason and my sister as she looked after DD1. DD2 we only told mum, the other two kids were at school. My sister did figure it out when I didn't answer the phone and neither did my mum or my DH. She then called the hospital, who confirmed I was there. She was waiting in the hospital car park when DD1 was born (lucky for her I have short labours!) and when I rang her she was in the delivery suite about 2 minutes later! She was also outside the delivery suite when DS was born, but that was ok as I wanted DD1 to meet her new brother ASAP. With DD2 we asked her not to come to the hospital until we rang her as it was really important for us for DD1 and DS to spend as much time with DD2 as they wanted before we accepted other visitors. She was most put out!

    My PIL cracked the big sads as it was 'inconvenient' for them not to know when the baby would arrive and 'inconsiderate' of us not to tell them. I would have been happy for them not to visit at all. Ever.

    I would tell people that you have booked a day of pampering on induction day and so you won't be answering your phone... massage, facial, pedi etc. People will probably assume you are being induced the following day!

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    Sep 2011

    We didn't tell anyone till about 6 hours after DD was born. We had warned close friends and family that I was probably going to be induced early due to my blood pressure but didn't want anyone knowing the exact timing so they wouldn't worry or pester us if it took a long time.

    Apparently my MIL rang the night I was admitted to hospital and DH just lied and said I was fine so they were surprised to hear we'd had a baby by the next evening!

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    Jul 2009

    I think we will keep it hush hush. DP plans on taking his leave starting next monday so i might just put up a post that we are keeping to ourselves and will announce when bubby is born until then we want some privacy. I said id like to have a shower and DD is to be the first to meet him then my mum as she is babysitting then everyone else.