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    My milk is pretty much gone.

    Right breast is empty. (I say this because dd was latched on, came off and said "no". I said to her "dont you want anymore?" and she said "gone!" and raised her little hands in gesture. Bless her little heart lol).

    She still has a little suck on the Left side but not for long and when i hand express it looks like colustrum.

    This week i have been giving her a bit of cows milk in her tippy cup. Not warmed, just cold as a drink. I dont let her have it to go to sleep with because i would still rather her have a bit of colustrum.

    Some others have asked me if she is having formula now. I had never even considered formula for her. She has no allergies, and she LOVES cows milk.

    What is better for her? Cows milk or formula? Or it doesnt really matter now? I had always just thought of formula being a man made product so i thought cows milk was more natural...(not intending to start a bun fight here....).

    Any suggestions on how i should be proceeding from here?

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    She doesn’t need formula. It’s got no nutritional value over and above cows milk no - save your money
    Toddler milk is waste of money, says Which? | Life and style | The Guardian

    Parents could be wasting hundreds of pounds on "unnecessary" toddler milks that can contain more sugar and less calcium than cows' milk, the consumer group Which? has said.

    A survey found that almost half (46%) of mothers with a child over the age of one used toddler or "growing up" milk, despite health professionals regularly advising parents that a healthy diet including cows' milk provides a young child's required nutrition.

    Which? said parents could save at least ?500 a year by switching from ready-to-serve toddler milk, costing around ?593 a year, to cows' milk at ?62.

    Government advice is that toddler milk is unnecessary as children can drink cows' milk from the age of one. A comparison found that full fat cows' milk contained 4.7g of sugar per 100ml, compared with 7.9g in Hipp Organic combiotic growing up milk powder.

    The study also found that cows' milk contained 122mg of calcium per 100ml, compared with 86mg in both Apatamil 1yr+ growing up milk powder and Cow & Gate 1-2yrs growing up milk powder.

    The report said toddler milks contained more iron and vitamin D than cows' milk, but these nutrients could be obtained from elsewhere in a child's diet.

    Unlike infant formula, toddler milks are not covered by specific legislation on ingredients. According to Which?, the formula market is worth around ?359m a year, with toddler milks the fastest-growing sector.

    Richard Lloyd, executive director of Which?, said: "At a time when so many household budgets are severely squeezed, parents could be saving hundreds of pounds on toddler milks that the government says are unnecessary. Ministers should make their advice much clearer and introduce guidance on the ingredients of toddler milks, including the level of sugar and calcium."

    Which? surveyed 727 mothers with children under three years between 8 November and 6 December.

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    regular milk, if you want, as part of the diet. no more than 200ml or so per day or she'll fill up on that. It's not a necessary part of the diet, actually, but if she'll have a little that's fine. Food is what she needs now.

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