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Thread: Is this the end?

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    Default Is this the end?

    Dd has started saying no when I ask her if she wants her milk.

    She only has 2-3 feeds a day now and they are before she goes to sleep.

    Once I sit down and get ready she still takes it, but the lead up is her saying no no no. Today she even had a little crack because I took away her sultanas and its time for bed.

    I have a feeling my milk is pretty much non existent on one side and scarce on the other.

    Is this how they self wean? By saying no? Do I just start putting her to bed with no breast?

    What are the signs they are starting to wean?

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    There are often swings and roundabouts. If she's refusing feeds, maybe just let it be and wait for her to ask you. It may be that she's winding down, and if that's what you want you could take advantage of this reduced interest in feeding, but it may be that her interest will revive again.

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    Sounds to me like it is the nap she is saying no to, not the feeding. If she is only having it before sleep now then she probably knows that when you start offering milk it means she is going to bed.

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