thread: Initiating weaning for ttc reasons

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    Jan 2010

    Initiating weaning for ttc reasons

    DD is 19mths and we bf at breakfast and bedtime only (limits recently applied). For 2mths, I've been taking naturopathic herbs to bring my cycle back but have seen nothing except symptoms of hormone imbalance. I had hoped to keep bf'ing until DD is 2, at least through this latest set of teeth, but I also want to start ttc (you know, THAT kind of wanting). I'll be 38 next month, and it took us 2.5yrs and naturopathic support to conceive DD. I'm convinced I need to drop at least another feed if not both to have any chance with ttc#2 but I'm finding it really hard (emotionally) to initiate weaning.
    Any experience or advice?

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    Re: Initiating weaning for ttc reasons

    It's sort of hard to know till you get there. with #1 my cycle resumed four months after night weaning. With #2 it only took 2 months, but she was about 6 months older than DS had been.
    It might just take a bit longer, or it might be you need to drop more feeds. You'll only know after the fact, unfortunately, and everyone is different.
    Good luck!