thread: Tonight, for the first time ever...

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    Jun 2010
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    Tonight, for the first time ever...

    I didn't breastfeed my girl to sleep. She just pretty much went to sleep on her own.

    Every night for her entire life, I've breastfed DD to sleep at night. Most nights that was enough, she'd fall asleep and I'd put her in bed. Other nights for whatever reason it'd take forever, we'd have to give up and DH would take over. But to start, we'd go into mummy and daddys room, give Daddy a kiss goodnight, then boob and sleep. I'd transfer her to her own bed.

    Tonight she came and got me and asked me to take her to the Purple Room (her bedroom). She took a cup of milk with her and we had a chat while she drank that. Daddy came for a kiss goodnight and brought her Blue Baby. When the milk was done we lay down, she rolled over and pulled my arm around her (so sweet, little spoon). One time she did hear the Nurdle Song on tv and she turned back to tell me it was noisy. Then she took my hand, looked at the ceiling and gently shut her eyes.

    I just lay there next to her, watching her, holding her hand and silently crying until she let go, rolled over to hug Blue Baby and was asleep.

    I don't even know why I'm so emotional. I've hated breastfeeding lately because she's gotten so bad at it and it hurts. It works less and less. But still, this is just a big sign that she's growing up

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    Oh boo I am having a tear up reading this! Bless her and the spooning that got me x

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    Sounds like it was a beautiful yet emotional moment. Hugs.

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    Bittersweet moment She sounds like a real sweetheart.

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    Jun 2010
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    Thank you everyone. I'm still emotional about it. I think it's worse because it's been hard lately, her teeth have been in the way and she's been sucking instead of doing it right. Plus this is the one thing she's always needed me for. DH has never been able to get her to sleep on his own, it always has to start with me and boob. But he can do this, he can lie in a room with her til she's asleep.

    I know it's a good thing with baby here soon, but it's still so sad

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    May 2008
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    aww what a beautiful moment, even though it was bittersweet. But I am all teary reading that. so so so sweet

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    Jul 2009
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    Oh well there I go with the tears dropping, beautiful but emotional

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    Mar 2009

    So beautiful. It is very bittersweet

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    Oh Teeki, big hugs... I got a bit tears reading that. Such a special time you've shared. Go easy on yourself. It's ok to feel sad.

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    Sep 2008

    Awww I have tears too, bless her, what a darling xx

    And yes, these babies and children grow far too quick, it hurts a little when they don't need us so much, but by the same token we watch them grow and hit these milestones with such pride.

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    Jan 2011

    Teeki what a beautiful little story. What a loving precious girl you have- a special trait influenced by her sensitive mama I suspect.

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    Big hugs Teeki. What a sweetheart.

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    Gorgeous story teeki, makes me upset again that my bf journey ended so long ago. I keep kind of hoping he'll start again, I know it's weird. But it's nice having those cuddles and quiet time. I guess just try to enjoy having your body back until the new one comes along. Lots of hugs, at least you got to be there with her anyway until she went to sleep. Soo sweet.

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    Jun 2010
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    I'm interested to see what happens tonight, if it's the same again. She did have a breastfeed yesterday during the day which is rare, because she'd had a few tantrums, was tired and needed the comfort. So I don't know if this will mean the end indefinitely, but I was so sad to think it's the start of the end. Watching her today she's so grown up!

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    Jan 2011

    Oh Teeki. I know what you mean. Dd is starting the wean now. they stop being babies so quick!

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    Well she didn't ask for it all day yesterday, went to bed the same way last night and then didn't ask at all today. But she's had a very big few days and she's completely exhausted and going to bed early, so she asked for book in Mummy and Daddys room tonight. She's practically fallen asleep as soon as she lay down poor thing, so I think she just needs a bit of extra snuggling, comfort and connection.

    I think I'm happy with how it's going

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    *hugs* if it is going to happen I don't think you can wish for a better way. And she still needs you and you are still there for her, just in different ways.