thread: 11mo DD will not eat..

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    11mo DD will not eat..

    DD2 is 11 mo and will not eat. I have about 3 options from store bought foods she will eat but they are all mostly 6mo or 9mo options which are just puree and even those sometimes she just won't touch. I have 1 or 2 home made meals I can sometimes get her to eat but then i'll try it again the following week and she refuses to even open her mouth. Some nights she is crying cause she is hungry and she just won't eat anything i offer. On Monday night i offered her 4 different meal options and then gave in and pulled out the reliable fruit puree and she ate the whole thing so it's not that she isn't hungry.. I hate wasting all this food and I'm buying the more expensive stuff in the hope to just find some more foods she will eat. Fruit puree or yoghurt seem to be about the extent of her eating routine with the occasional lamb & vegie dish, 2 x "brekkie" food combinations by Only Organic, a Rafferty's Garden Tomato & Pasta dish, a wild rice & lamb dish and sometimes i can get her to eat a slow cooked beef dish I make with some risoni pasta. I used to be able to get her to eat vegie puree combinations I cooked for her myself but she won't eat any of those anymore.

    She WILL NOT eat any finger foods - AT ALL.. I've tried and tried and she just plays with whatever I offer, squashes it all and it ends up on the floor. She does not put any of it in her mouth to even try it.. If i try to show her some and put some in her mouth she clenches her mouth closed and just won't open her mouth.

    She only has her two bottom front teeth, and they aren't even all the way out of the gum yet, so she is limited in the chewing department but she has been such a difficult child to feed since I tried starting solids at 5.5mo. She was 7mo before i even got her to start eating regular meals.

    Does anyone have ANY suggestions on getting her interested in finger foods so that I can start giving her a broader variety of things to try. I'm worried I'm going to end up with a child that just won't eat anything... I am about to book her in to the paed for a 12 mo checkup and I'll see the clinic next week but I'm just after any other suggestions that might work..

    P.S. She is almost 100% on cows milk now (approx 60-90ml formula and then top up to 210-240ml with milk) plus she drinks water.

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    Re: 11mo DD will not eat..

    Oh man my daughter was like this. She refused most things I offered her. Closed her mouth tight and turned her head. She started eating spiral pasta with cheese, kids yogurts, toast with vegemite and mostly pureed baby food. It took time, everyone else in our baby group was eating 3 meals a day!! Slowly, very slowly she started eating. She's 15 months now and eats 3 meals, and snacks.

    Just keep offering and when you eat see if your bub will share yours. It's a start lol.

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    Re: 11mo DD will not eat..

    Let her play with the food to get used to it. Remember the mantra "food is fun until one" and don't panic (unless medically necessary) one day after she turns 1 if she doesn't start straight away

    Learning about the different textures of food by squishing etc is just as important as eating too