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Thread: 14 month old struggling with food?. help!

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    Default 14 month old struggling with food?. help!

    So our journey with solids with my 14 month old has been long and difficult right from the beginning. When we first introduced solids with her around 6 months she would not touch food at all. If you tried to give her food to hold she would shiver. She wanted food she just didn't really want to touch it. So against all my usual methods (always been BLW) I started offering her purees. At first she would gag and shiver with the taste of anything in her mouth but slowly with very small amounts she started eating pureed food around 8 months old. She would accept anything pureed and so I fed her that way, always offering with every meal a chance to play with proper food. Very, very slowly we were starting to make progress and by 12 months old I thought we were getting somewhere as she was picking up and trying a small range of foods (about where my other kids were at 6 months old)

    However last month the whole house had a vomiting bug including her and since she has gone so far backwards and is back to only accepting food in pureed form. She is back to refusing to even pick up foods, let alone put them in her mouth. The only things she will still touch is biscuits, apple cut up, tomato cut up and when we have tacos mince (she won't touch mince in spaghetti or anything) She won't pick up sandwiches, fruit, veggies, pasta, rice, meat etc etc. I am concerned that she is now at an age where if she refuses to eat real food it will affect things like her speech. I have no idea how to help her as all my other kids have been fine with food, especially at this age. Was hoping others may have been through this and have some tips for me.

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    Is she still having milk?
    How is she otherwise - health, growth, development..?
    I recommend getting a copy of the book "My child won't eat" By Carlos Gonzales. If you're an ABA member there's also a webcast by him on the topic on the website that you can watch.

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