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Thread: 8 month old - Not so interested in dinner anymore

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    Question 8 month old - Not so interested in dinner anymore

    Hi Everyone!

    I have a gorgeous 8 month old boy who started solids a week or two shy of 6 months. From the first spoon of rice cereal he knew exactly what to do and ate like a little trooper. It wasn't long until he was on 3 meals a day and ate everything and anything that I offered him.

    Breakfast is usually mashed banana or pureed fruit (apricot, apple, pear etc) with the raffeties porriage mixed grain cereal.

    Lunch is usually pureed or mashed up 3 types of veges sometimes with cheese grated, or philly cheese or something a white cheese sauce.

    Dinner is usually 2 types of veges with a meat being cooked beef/chicken/lamb pureed or chopped super fine...he's a good chewer. Followed by yogurt.

    All his meals are about 6 tablespoons except for dinner where he has the additional yogurt.

    He has 2 bottom teeth and started dribbling like mad so I think perhaps he's going to get the top front ones soon?

    From such a perfect start (I know I have been blessed with a good little muncher!) for the last week or so he's been less interested in his lunch and even more disintereseted in his dinner. He will start to eat it but then act full. Though after dinner he will always have the yogurt (he's not a crazy sweet tooth but I think he likes the coolness on his gums).

    He's started waking up a an hour or two earlier than usual for his first breastfeed (used to be between 5-7 and now it's more 4)...SO I think he needs to eat the full dinner meal...

    Sorry for my rambling...My question is....
    Should I carry on what I am doing and if he eats he eats or should I got back to basics and give him more simple food? I am worried perhaps I went a little fast as he was happy to eat anything?

    I am not that bothered if it's a bit of a faze and not wanting to push if he's not hungry but I don't want to end up with a bub that won't eat when he was so good to start.

    Thanks..I hope this has made sense...

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    If he's hungry he'll eat - maybe swap lunch and dinner - give him more at lunch and see if he's happy with that. I find its all trial and error, just putting out feelers to see what works.

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