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Thread: 9mo + Food = Projectile Vomitting?

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    Default 9mo + Food = Projectile Vomitting?

    I'm trying to be zen about this, but it's not easy, so if anyone has a "me too" story that has a good ending, that would be lovely to hear....

    So - DS2, nearly 9mo, won't eat anything, at all. I'm trying to go with the BLS flow, he plays with certain things like rusks or dry toast, a bit of pear sometimes but it doesn't go in his mouth, that would be silly. Most food that I put in front of him he doesn't even touch, unless it's to push it away or throw it over the side of the highchair. Occasionally, because I kind of can't help myself, I offer him a bit of a teaspoonful of, say, pureed apple, and if I manage to get some in his mouth, he just gags himself until he projectile vomits. Which brings up the last milk feed .

    It's starting to make me a little concerned that he's never going to eat, especially as "everyone" I know with babies seems to have started their kid on solids at 4 months, and they're all eating the side of a horse a couple of months later. Or so it seems. I guess I'm struggling to have faith in BLS, and worried that I'm creating big issues with food in DS2. DS1, who's now a great eater, was a slow starter, but he'd at least try a couple of mouthfuls, and he never did the vomit - at what point do you start to be worried about it all??

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    It's probably within the realms of normal. The usual recommendation is to start introducing solids at 6mnths, though I notice the fad for introducing solids at 4 mnths has taken off. So, your little one is not much beyond the normal age for beginning solids. It also seems like there is a family trend for not being able to take solids until a little later. I'm wondering, is your little one breastfed or bottlefed? Is there any history of food allergies or intolerances in your families? Babies often have an instinct for what won't agree with them. How is his health overall? And, literally, what would you do about it? It seems like your baby has a quite active gag reflex, but with him, more than anyone, you can't force him to eat. Like most caring mums you are responding to your child's needs appropriately, not *creating bad hadbits* (and let's face it most bad habits these days stem from over-eating) For personal experience, my daughter Cassie, now 12, didn't really eat anything until she was 10mnths, and then never off a spoon - she had to do it herself.
    See if you can track down a book "My child won't eat" but a Spanish (I think) paediatrician, and a very encouraging and supportive read. If you are really worried about your child's health, then see a doctor

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    Hi Bhoysgirl!

    WE are doing BLS and started at 6 months. My LO used to gag on everything and projectile vomit with many things too. She was willing to try stuff, but after a gag that was it. She didn't like gagging and so wouldn't try anymore food. I just went slowly somedays i wouldn't offer anything (maybe i am lazy?), other days more. And one day (just after 8 months) something clicked and the gagging stopped (still happens occassionally) and she was more willing to try stuff.

    I think her gag reflex was still really strong and it wasn't until it settled down that she was able to experience the good things about food. Hope that helps.

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    Hey hun,

    We're also doing BLS and my DD is looking like a bit of a slow starter as well. I have had a chat to some of the ABA counsellors at my support meeting and many of them have told me that their babies (and many other women who they speak to) don't show real interest until they are around the 1 year mark.

    I just keep offering her food at every meal - and we do morning and arvo teas too - just so she at least gets the practice in. She is slowllyyyyyyyy getting there.

    I don't have the happy ending though, as we're not there yet. But it's good to know that you're not alone xxxx

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