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    I am just after some on advice on how others defrost their home-made baby food that has been frozen? Is it fine to do it in the microwave? Do you heat till boiling hot and then let cool? I feel completely clueless and have just filled my entire freezer with stuff haha...


    ETA: It is pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot if that makes any difference.

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    I always get all of my twins food out of the freezer in the morning and put the amount they eat into bowls and cover them up and put them in the fridge. That way they are defrosting in the fridge during the day and then I warm them up in the microwave (really hot then let cool) but if you are using a microwave watch for hot spots. I always stir the bowl of food quite a bit to make sure there is no hot spots.

    I am doing a big cook up for my kids this weekend too! I always do heaps over a weekend then I don't have to cook for them for a couple of weeks!

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    IF I am desparate (ie DD screaming at me) I do it in the microwave. But normally I let it defrost in fridge and/or heat in a saucepan..

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    Hi, I'm not that organised!! I know I should be letting food defrost in the fridge but with everything else going on I hadn't really given it a second thought...will now! I usually just mic it, put it in for 1min + see how it's going, then another 1min give it a stir then 30secs another stir and another 30 secs. Guess depends how big the serve is for how long it'll take but once you get used to it you'll know how many 'blasts' in the mic and for how long....just keep stirring, just keep stirring (Nemo!!)

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