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    I'm a bit worried maybe my 6 month old is eating TOO much! I was wanting to EBF until he was six months but at 4.5 months he was already 8.6 kilos and he started grabbing fistfuls of food from my plate and shoving them in his mouth. He was also protesting if he wasn't included in a mealtime. So I tried solids and have found from the get go he has been super into it all. No tongue thrust reflux, chewing and swallowing from the start finger foods too. Doing a combo of baby-led weaning and some spoon feeding - although he grabs the spoon and feeds himself with it and I just load it!

    He eats everything, no reactions so far, and today he ate a 60g baby yogurt and a 120g Rafferty's Garden puree. I tried to pace it, I didn't force it but he was grabbing the spoon the whole way, screeching if I didn't keep going and opening his mouth and grabbing my hands and dragging them toward his face.

    So to me this seems like he really wants the food. But I'm obese, I have food issues and I guess I'm scared that if he eats so much so early maybe he will be a fat kid too! But I don't want to deny him food. He is now 9.2 kilos at just under six months. How much should he be eating?

    At the moment I only give him one meal a day, he is still breastfeeding from 5-8 times a day I guess, although I don't count.

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    Hiya, I'm no expert and was just cruising to see if anyone had posted about an enthusiastic eater and how much to give them and whether to limit the amount. Just wanted to reassure you that this is probably normal behaviour. DD is on the 15th percentile and quite small for her age and behaves the same as your little one, so it is probably not something to worry about with obesity. She's so impatient that she lost interest in her spoon cos she realised that she can't feed herself as fast as I can.

    Today she had 2 carrots for dinner (mushed), so about the size of her arm and a bit more! I'm just happy she's eating. Oh, and she didn't gain any weight in the last week, so not sure how that matches up with the enthusuastic eating!

    I've given her lunch & dinner for 2 weeks but will add brekky from tomorrow maybe.

    I think it's a good thing that he eats everything and loves it. Look forward to hearing what other people have to say about how much to give them.

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