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Thread: What to do when they refuse food???

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    Default What to do when they refuse food???

    My DS is 6 months and has had a great start with his solids.... he has had:
    sweet pot
    avocado + ban
    pear + rc
    blueberries + apple
    cauliflour + pear
    carrot + pear

    He has eaten all of the above really well and ejoyed it. I made them all except blueberry one and usually put RC in it too.
    NOW the trouble! He had broc+pump last night and gagged I was very nice. Anyway, he didn't eat much at all so ended up with more BM.
    Tonight, he had sweet pot + cauli and wouldn't eat it. I really wanted him to have a good feed so I made him avo+ban which he took more time than usual but he ate it. I was thinking this could be a very bad thing....making new meals each time he doesn't like something and not a habit I want to get do I just give him BM?? Don't want to push it onto him or have him in tears each dinner time...
    Not sure what to do, I need him to eat LOL!
    Rach xx

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    He's still so little and just working the whole thing out. I have read you should just keep offering foods they refuse. My DD2 didn't like banana at all, but after 5 months she has decided it's not too bad!

    I don't think that offering different foods at this age is an issue, sure maybe down the track, but i don't think you should worry too much now. He has had a great variety so far. But if he just wants BM, then that's ok too, it's still the main source of nutrients for him.

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    Starting solids can be one of the most stressful times for mums. Try not to worry too much about how much he is eating - at 6 months the bm is his main source of nutrition and food is still a learning experience.

    One of the great things about Baby Led Solids is that the baby controls how much they eat, so they eat exactly the amount they need. This is not only ideal for baby, but much less worrying for mum! It really saves the stressing about whether they are getting enough. It is also less work as you are not having to puree or prepare different meals for baby. Have you have a read through the baby led solids threads on here?

    Another thing to consider is that meat is now known to be one of the most important early foods for babies. It is the best source of iron and zinc for them, both of which are very important for brain development and health. Some ways to give meat are to scrape some into a pulp, give them a big piece of steak to chew/suck on, or to give them a safe bone - eg smooth and not able to splinter.

    In terms of offering something else if the first food is refused, I don't think it's going to matter a lot at this age, but personally, after my experience with DS1, I wouldn't do it. I ended up with a 15 month old who would only eat 6 things. Literally. He knew if he didn't eat what he was given I'd end up giving him a sandwich, yoghurt or banana so he'd hold out. Once I stopped giving him a second choice he became a much better eater. With DS2 I inadvertently followed BLS (Baby Led Solids) - often with subsequent children that happens, and things went much better from the start.

    GL hun.

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    Sorry girls meant to pop in and thank you! He has been doing well..... I think I was offering solids when he wan't quite hungry. Tries a tiny bit of BLS and I like it... But I do worry a little about chocking. I gave him some tomato to suck on and he ate it really well....he did have a bit of cough like some was stuck but he sorted it out pretty quickly.
    Thanks again Rach xx

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