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Thread: Circumcision - reccomended Dr's?

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    Default Circumcision - reccomended Dr's?

    we are having a boy and just wondering if anyone can reccomend good dr's in Sydney that do circumcision. Also whens the best time to do it? This is my first child and i have no idea.


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    Dr Akbar Khan in Kingswood. He's a lovely man and very experienced. He uses the plastibell. He only does them before 8 weeks I think and puts some of it on medicare.

    Most of them will only do it before 6 weeks. If you don't get it done in that time you will need to wait and get it done much later when they are 4 years or so under a GA.

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    thanks Brontide. Can you please give me his details so I can ring them up. I live close to Kingswood too

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    Khan Akbar Dr
    Cnr Bringelly & Northern Rds Kingswood NSW 2747
    ph: (02) 4736 6567

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