thread: Islam and Birthing

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    Jan 2011

    Islam and Birthing

    I have had a question for a while, springing from a post a while ago from a Muslim lady on here asking about a Muslim Midwife.

    I understand that it the preference when birthing to have an Islamic Midwife as far as viewing private areas etc.
    What happens in an emergency if you have to have an OB come in? Would it be ok for a male OB to help with the birth or do you need a female? Is first preference a Muslim Female OB? Are there male Muslim OB's?

    Sorry it just keeps popping up in my head and I was wondering what you do in that situation?

    Are there any different styles to how you like to birth because of your faith versus how others might birth?

    Not intending to offend anyone by asking, just interests me how other people choose to birth

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    Mar 2004

    The health of mother and baby takes precedence. So although a male ob wouldn't be your fist choice if the situation calls for it then it's ok.