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Thread: Just need clarification on the meaning of Sunnah

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    Default Just need clarification on the meaning of Sunnah

    Hi everyone,

    Had a brilliant day at the Mosque today (see my blog for more details).

    Just had something happen that was a little puzzling...

    Part of my spiritual beliefs is being aware of signs or messages that Spirit.G-d (etc) is trying to send to you.

    Today at the Mosque I had two different signs about the same thing. The first one was a sign about Sunnah that almost wacked me on the head. The second was when DH and I opened a Qu'ran there was a prayer in English about Rammadan, Sunnah and peace.

    I took this to mean that I needed to be at peace with the way in which my life is unfolding. Would this be a correct interpretation?

    Or is this an inappropriate line of questioning? (Quite happy to delete this post if I'm accidently offending...)

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    I'm not sure how in depth you want me to be but I'll try to be brief and you can ask about anything you want to know more about...

    The Sunnah is the way of the Prophet - his actions and also his sayings and what he approved and disapproved as recorded in the hadith.

    It's the second source of Islamic law after the Quran (fwiw Islamic law doesn't just relate to issues such as murder it also includes guidance on more day to day/mundane issues such as dietary regulations, doing the house work -btw it's sunnah for a man to help around the house, hospitality and so on).

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