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Thread: Make dua for me sisters.

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    Talking syeda

    hi bibo
    here in islamabad in pakistan there is a doctor who effectively treats the low sperm problem his medicine is really effective. if u want i can give u details and u can contact him tellephonically and purchase medicine from him.

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    Default Ttc #1

    Asalamo Alekom,

    I am also in the same boat as you and feel very consumed. I have been TTC for 2 years and gone through several tests but everything turns our perfect and I am left with the unexplained infertility diagnosis. Which is elhamdulillah a good thing to know, but makes it very frustrating and hard when you keep trying and it does not happen.
    I have even done 5 IUIs and all turned out negative. I then did my 1st IVF, which the doctor said was a perfect one, transfered 2 blastocyst of excellent quality but still no pregnancy.
    I am praying a lot and trying to remain patient and strong every step I take but it is very hard when all those around seem to easily get pregnant and you are only watching them.

    May Allah grant both of us babies soon insha'allah. I am praying for you and let me know if you need any information, I have already gone basically through every ART.

    Its great to have some to share your thoughts and pain with.

    I am going for my 2nd IVF in end of June so need all your prayers

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    Salaam alaikum to the new members here.
    May Allah bless you with your longed for babies very soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brontide View Post
    Salaam alaikum to the new members here.
    May Allah bless you with your longed for babies very soon.

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    Default Trying for Baby insha'allah

    Hi all,

    We've been trying for a baby for about a year now.. I have PCOS. Please sisters make dua for me..

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    Asalaam'o'Alikum sister,
    you are in our duas INsha'Allah and please remember us in your prayers as well.. I have the same problem... my husband lost a lot of weight and ate fruits and vegetables taht made a huge difference alhamdulillah... it goes back and forth but alhamdulillah he is doing better now so you should try these too give him fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled chicken, vitamins. Insha'Allah Allah will help all of us when the time is right it will happen Insha'Allah..

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    Salaam sis,

    I know when the time is right Allah will make it happen but as you can imagine when frustration takes over it's hard..

    Insha'allah our hardship is heard by Allah. Everyone is in my dua's as always. May Allah may it easy for us.


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    Default Baby Prayers

    Salam all,

    "Family" I know how frustrating it can get. Are you talking any medication for the PCOS?

    Praying for you. I am on my way to my 2nd IVF and praying that this time I get the best news I have been longing for. Really praying for that first baby to happen.

    Let me know how I can help you Family. Supporting and praying for each other in this hard time is the best thing to do.

    Ya rab yerzokna game3an bey zoreya saleha (May Allah bless us all with healthy and well raised children). AMEN

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    Salaam M_Mariam

    At the moment I'm not taking anything for my PCOS but me and my husband have talked about taking Colmid.. I don't know how that will go, we're both praying Insha'allah for it to happen without having to take anything but Allah knows best. I thought about having acupuncture to regulate my period, have you tried it or has anyone on here tried it? Please let me if you or anyone else has and if it's effective I know everyone's body is different and reacts to different treatment but it will be useful to know.

    Does anyone one know if I should try anything for my PCOS, my diet is good and believe it or not I'm very slim and I'm actually trying to put weight on, after I got married I lost a lot of weight.

    May Allah help us all in our dua's


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    wa'alikumsalaam sister

    Jazaka'Allah for your words it feels so good to share things alhamdulillah for your sisters.

    my sister in law had PCOS and she was taking metformin fo almost 2 years or a bit more than this... during taht time she conceived a year ago and miscarried. Allah knows BEST as HE is the BEST PLANNER! Alhamdulillah she conceived again in this april.. she took clomid it didn't really help her but what i see that helped her was losing weight but you already said that you actually need to gain weight she was having problem with ovulation her periods were regular... once you ovulate I think you can try IUI as it's close to 300 or 500... I am just trying to help sister.. Allah is going to make it happen when the time is right iNhsa'Allah and keep making dua.
    I hope it helps... and with my husband he lost weight and it has improved alhamdulillah...

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    oh and she was taking multi vitamin prenatal one as well, last time she wasn't

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    Default Praying of a Baby

    'Family' I am currently doing acupuncture, started 2 month ago, and I believe it is very helpful. Elhamdulillah my cycles are very regular, but acupuncture has helped my ovulation become stronger, relief the horrible pains of menstruation and overall made me feel healthier (reduced stress and made me more active and feeling fresh). My acupuncturist is also giving me herbs especially designed for my case.

    You will need to track you BBT along with acupuncture to check for deficiencies/improvements, so it is wise to start taking your BBT from now. Also, be patient with acupuncture, because it might take a couple of times before you start feeling the difference. However, from what I heard from others suffering from PCOS is that acupuncture was successful in getting their menstruation regular, and some actually fell pregnant naturally. So goodluck with acupuncture and lots of prayer for you.

    If you decide to take clomid, remember that some of the sides effects include thinning of the uterine lining and dryness of the cervical mucus. My RE recommended that I do not take it more than 3 cycles.

    Hope I was able to help. Let me know if you need to know anything else. Prayers for all of us
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    Smile Alhamdullilah, Good News Sisters!!!!!!!!!

    Slaam Sisters i just wanted to share my good news with you all. On April 29th 2009 i found out i was pregnant. I didt go to Dr or specialist with the dua's Allah granted my wish and Alhamdullilah if u always remember Allah he will not forget you.

    We saved money me and DH and we wanted to go see specialist just to know what was going on with us since i didnt go get cheched before and i thought maybe i should just take a pregnancy test just in case before i waste the money and to my suprise a BFP Masha'Allah i didnt believe it first since in 2007 i took one and it was a false positive so i went to the doctors office and the confirmed it with a blood test and ualtrosound i was like 4 weeks and half.

    Now i am 15 weeks and 4 days EDD is 01/10/2010, Masha'Allah me and DH are very happy and we still praying for a healthy baby. I was sick for the past 2 months went to the ER like 4 times morning sickness was bad, could not keep anything down for 2 months and lost alot of weight but now Alhamdullilah i am fine.

    So i will pray for all of my sisters like u prayed for me and dont give up hope God is always listening and watching. If you have questions please write them down i will do my best to reply. And sorry it took long for me to reply like i said morning sickes, i dont know why they say morning sickes mine lasted 24/7 it was bad.

    Ok sisters Slaaam

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    Default i m going to have 2nd IVF palz pray for me sisterz

    last time i miscarried at 21 week. plz pray for me that i may get pregnant and thereafter have alive children. feeling so dejected and sad this time. dont know wats gona happen.

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    Default TTC

    Went through all your posts.Hope all the ladie who have been trying to conceive have conceived.Well I am also in the row of conceiving.Though its been only 4 months.But I am already in depression.
    This would be my second pregnancy.I had a baby girl who died in decemeber.She was 1year and 16 days old.i miss her a lot.
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    Thumbs up

    hey samiyah...mabroook!! I am so happy to learn abt ur good news..I do have a few questions, I wonder if only u could add me to ur msn account and v cud chat over...

    hope 2 hear soon from u...

    take care and inshaALLAH u will have a healthy baby!!!

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    assalmualaikum sisters

    i came on this thread a long time ago, when me and my wife were planning for our 2nd child.

    my wife had our first baby 3.5 yrs ago via caesarian, but i love kids and wanted to have another one soon.

    well we were trying but nothing was happening for a while. then one of the sisters here posted two duas and we started reading it....

    Alhamdulillah, last week, my wife gave me the good news of the positive test results and i'm so happy now.

    i just realised that despite me being so eager and wanting another baby, Allah had other plans and I somehow get a feeling that this is the right time for it to happen.

    I just wanted to thank you sisters that even though i never posted here i read things here and it helped.

    may Allah reward you all in both worlds

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    Smile I am pregnant

    News for all the sisters on this forum.
    Allhumdullillah I am 8 weeks pregnant.And Congratulation to those sisters also who have been trying to conceive and have finally conceived.
    Inshallah will make dua for all those sisters also who are still TTC.

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