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Thread: Make dua for me sisters.

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    Default mashaAllah . alhamdulillah .. inshaAllah

    mashallah for those who are .. lahamdulillah for thos who aren't .. and inshaAllah we all will be soon.

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    Default Duaa for me as well

    Salaam sisters,
    i found this forum when i was searching for duaa on google. please pray fo me as well as i have been trying to get pregnant since 5 years and had 2 miscarrages as well. appearently and medically there is no problem with both of us and its very depressing as we are trying since soo long.
    Allah bless all of us with healthy babies...aameen


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    Default Waalaikumsalam Samrin

    inshallah you and the other sisters are in good health .

    I was also trying for a baby and I'm sure a lot of other people were/are too. I know it's hard to just accept current circumstances but as Muslims we must always trust that Allah knows best. He knows when and what we can or can't handle. Sometimes we think we know what is good or bad for us but time and time again we have been proven wrong.
    Husbands, wealth and children are part of our test here on earth so we should all try to be patient and always keep in mind that Allah is the ONLY one that can make things happen and our rezk (provision) is solely in His Hands. So make duaa and say Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah gran you and the rest of the ummah healthy babies that will grow up to be righteous servants of Allah.

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    salam sisters

    Im in a similar position as the rest of the sisters. Im 31 DH 37 TTC for 5 yrs 1st ICSI BNP had a baby boy who is mashallah 4 now. Since then had 2 other ICSI cycles but no success. I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS in one ovary and husband has low sperm count. I will be trying again in July inshallah.
    I accidently found this site whilst searching for dua's and im glad i did because i feel that other people cannot relate to you or understand what you are going through especially women who can concieve naturally. IVF is a rollercoster ride and it's good to know you can get get support here and people understand you.

    May Allah bless us all with healthy babies inshallah


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    salaam, i am a new member here and i also found this forum by searching for dua to get pregnant. inshallah our prayers will get answered. i have also been trying for some time now.

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    Salam sisters

    I am considering going to cyprus for ICSI treatment because its cheaper and they have better facilities, has anyone else been abroad and if so how did they find it?? Would like to hear abt other peoples experinces.


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