Assalamu Alaikum everyone!

I'm a newbie here, and thought I'd just say hello! I've got to say I really like the look of this forum, and I'm so happy there is a section for us Muslim sisters... its very reassuring to know that there is help and advice out there for the religious aspects of motherhood and pregnancy

I'm 25, and I'm a proud Aussie... I'm of mixed ethnicity with an Irish/Aussie dad and a Bangladeshi mother... I'm a Sydney girl who married an English Pakistani Melbourne boy and now I find myself plonked in Melbourne and trying to get over the fact that everyone wears black here!

Hubby and I are about to embark on the journey of starting a family, which is why I joined this forum, to inshAllah gain as much insight/advice and tips about the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood. I just feel this next step is so right, and with Allah's help I hope to hear the oh so cliched pitter patter of tiny feet in the near future

Anyway, enough about me, I look so forward to reading loads of posts!