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Thread: salams sisters inshallah u can make dua for me :)

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    Smile salams sisters inshallah u can make dua for me :)

    salams sisters

    inshallah we are all well.

    me n my hubby have been married for almost a year and been trying for a baby....

    this is our 3rd month trying and inshallah it happens

    i have a chronic illness for 6 years called crohns disease so it makes it a little harder to fall pregnant due to being a 4 kilos under weight and also complications with my vitamins but elhumdillilah for everything.
    this month inshallah will be a good month as my bloood tests came back really good the vitamins were all greats apart from a kidney infection but im on antibiotics to get better...nothing serious thank god

    the monthly monster is due on the 25th so fingers crossed it wont come and ill be pregnant.

    may allah guide us all ameen



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    i dnt get it

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    salaam alaikum, May Allah bless you with a beautiful baby.

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    may allah grant ur wish to become pregnant and pray for me 2 as i am also tryin.

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