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Thread: sisters trying for a baby

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    Post sisters trying for a baby

    salam to all sisters,

    j just found out this website while googling duaa to have a baby.

    Si i wanted to know if there were some other sisters in the same case as me, trying to concieve.

    We could support each other and tell duaas if we know to each other. And share our experinces.

    But im not sure of how many girls come to this forum... i hope inshAllah.

    I am 23 and i?m trying since september 2009, si that means its my 5 th month now of trying....

    Hope that i get some replies...

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    Salaam sister,

    I hope you are in good health and haven't given hope yet.. Alhumdulillah I got two boys and expecting another baby in April-May .... You'll be in my prayers from now on.. I just came across this prayer of prophet Zachariah..I believe its appropriate reciting this prayers for your cause.

    In Arabic: "Rabbi La Tazarni Fardao(n), Wa Anta Khairul Waariseen"

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    walaikum salam Cyima,

    Thank you so much for is good to know that there r some people who care abt others even if they are strangers to each other. Thank you so much for this. And for the duaa you just gave me.
    Can i ask you how long it took you to be pregnant for ur first baby? and the 2 nd?

    I have also began the recitation ofr Allah name.
    Ya Qadir (the able)
    and Ya mujib (THE RSPONSIVE)
    I really beleive in it for this month , inshAllah and plz pray for me...

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    Salam Sister,

    I had a rollercoaster ride with my pregnancies... it took me two years to finally fall pregnant with the first one.. then another 3 year with the second one.. This one Alhumdulillah was a surprise and i wasn't expecting it to happen that soon after the last one...i.e. just 14 months after my last one .. but i am happy as this one gonna be a girl and it will be a welcome change after taking care of house full of boys includiing hubby... ;-) .... Good Luck and Keep faith...praying for you!

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    salam sister,
    Tkx for replying. Just some other questions in my mind.... Did you consult any doctor or anything? or did u just keep trying on ur own for your first pregnancy?
    And have you ever taken any birth contol pills?
    I have been married for about 1 year now and i took pills during 1 year. But i have stopped then since end june 2009 ie about 6 months now...
    And thank you for praying for me.
    Hope you enjoy your baby girl this time...its like a complete different adventure !

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    Wa Alaikum Salam

    Well.. we did try for a year .. and got a consultant afterwards... i was on my first clomid cycle ... but my tests didn't come back positive and consultant was thinking of trying the next level(i.e. cleaning my tubes) when miracle happened... :-) .. yup.. that was my first baby...for the next baby.. we tried for 18-20 months on our own.. then finally got an appointment from a very well known fertility consultant, who apparantly had 6 months wait ... and Alhumdulillah, just a week before the first appointment.. found out i was pregnant!! .. another miracle.... well.. this one was a surprise.. wasn't expecting it that soon.. but hey.. I am happy! ....

    I can't take birthcontrol pills as i have epilepsy and they interfere with my seizure control pills... so we usually rely on more natural methods .... not that we needed them at that time ..

    Don't give up hope just yet.. keep trying.. you are still very young .... and don't ever lose faith ....


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    Salam !

    Hey that was a lot of surprises.. but good one ha !....
    by the way how old are u now? and what age were u when trying to conceive ur first baby?
    lol i never end with my questions ha....
    Yeah i will not loose faith inshAllah...i really believe that Allah will listen to my duaas inshAllah soon...

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    hey by the way...where do u live??

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    Default AslamElaikum

    Wantbaby...i m in the same situation like you.. We have been trying to get pregnant for the past one year with no luck.. it is so frustrating..but ALLAH has plans for us INSHALLAH...I hope it works out for you and me and everyone else who is trying INSHALLAH. Make tunzz of Dua. Make the Dua's of Prophet Zackariya and Prophet Ibraheemm..if you don't know them let me know INSHALLAH i will post it.. if you don't mind keeping in touch through the forum is a bit difficult. if u want we can chat on yahoo or msn and discuss our issues INSHALLAH. I hope to hear from u soon AslamElaikum keep me in your dua's

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    Good to hear from ya...yup it sure was and trust me i can't thank Allah enough for all the miracles in my life....I was 25 when we started trying... :-) .. i am way older now... and mayb a tad bit wiser ....... I am in Sydney.. What about you?

    btw, Assalam o alaikum Nazia!! I told her about the dua of prophet Zachariah ... didn't know about the other one.... hopefully things will get better for you too...keep praying and heaps of duas for both of u!

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    Salam sisters,

    And welcome to nazia...
    Cyima, I am from denmark

    and sure nazia i will keep you in my duaa from now on INSHALLAH...and do the same for me plz
    and let me know ur msn add if u want to...omg i really which that i become preg this month INSHALLAH...actually i should say that we both become pregnant...

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    and cyima, how is ur pregnancy going???

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    Default AslamElaikum

    yes...i hope to INSHALLAH that we both fall pregnant this month INSHALLAH. u can add me at [email protected] INSHALLAH. also sis are u on clomid or what medications are u using if u are using any? do you have PCOS?

    CYIMA..congrats on your pregnancy and Hope everything is well with you. Make Dua for us. WalaikumAslaam

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    Salam sisters,

    ok nazia i will add you, but just to let u know i don?t logon that often so dnt worry if u dnt see me...but the day we are both connected, sure it would be really nice to have a chit chat about all this.
    and no , i dont have any treatment, nor clomid and i dont think / hope i have pcos...INSHALLAH not .
    This is my 5 th month of try now..but i have taken an appintement with the gyneco ( i havent ever been there before) and the appointement is in march...but inshAllah i hope to be pregnant before I hope Allah listen to our prayers, inshAllah...

    and whar about you sister? did u consult any doctor ?


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    Salam sisters...

    Pretty good so far.. had my glucose levels done today.. and according to the midwife.. i had the most perfect level today.... Alhumdulillah.. its my 27th week... so almost passing my sixth month now... Good luck with guys will be in my prayers...

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    Salam Cyima,

    Happy for you. that is good news!

    I really hope that it will THE MONTH for me now, inshAllah ! I just want it so bad now lol

    btw cyima, how long are/ were your cycles...just to compare like this.
    Me its more or less 33 34 days...

    and nazia... where r u??? lol

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    Wa alikum salam,

    my cycles were the same ..33-35 days.... more or less.. and yeah they were a bit longer than the normal ones but they were i wasn't worried much...Insha'Allah things will seem brighter for you soon... and remember everything is for a purpose.. so no matter what the outcome is .. never lose faith and keep praying..Good Luck!

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    Thanks for ur support cyiama ! and inshAllah i will not loose faith and keep praying


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