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Thread: What attracted you to Islam?

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    Default What attracted you to Islam?

    I was just reading the thread in here 'Did you convert/revert to Islam'. It was very interesting and I often read the threads about other religions because I like learning more about them.

    I noticed lots of people said they decided to convert to Islam after being exposed to it and realising that it gave them answers and made more sense to them than other religions they had been involved with did.

    If anyone feels like sharing I would love to hear your thoughts on what it was about Islam that fitted better with you than other religions??

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    I'll be brief but TBH it might be hard because I don't want to upset any Christians
    • Original sin - I don't understand how any baby can be born with sin on it's soul. Sure we all sin but a baby is innocent
    • God having a son who is also God - so many issues with that. It just doesn't work for me
    • A man being elevated to the status of God and worshipped
    • Women being responsible for sin entering the world - that kind of mysogyny doesn't do it for me
    • The way that Chistaianity seems to chane to suit society rather than society changing to suit Christianity
    • The confusion between sects
    • The way that so many Christians seem to amke up their own rules. "i think...." statements that seem to have no basis in anything but the thinkers own desires
    • The role of priests, parsons, the church. There is no 'church' in Islam and nor are there priests
    • Monasticism/celibacy. It doesn't seem logical to me. Humans are sexual animals.
    • Sunday Christains. I know this isn't true of all Christians but there seems to be a tendency to think of Christianity as something you do on Sunday.

    There's more but I've got to clean up a mess....

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    Thanks Chloe, I always like reading your posts.
    I was also going to add in my first post that I know this might be hard because of not trying to offend other religions and everything but that personally I will not be offended and I hope other's won't either because I have specifically come into the Islam area to ask a question, it's not like you have gone into the Christianity area or another and started saying why you don't agree with those beliefs iykwim?? So basically I just wanted to say I know that everyone obviously has different beliefs and that doesn't mean they are putting down my religion just because they don't agree. I hope everyone else feels the same because I would love to hear more.

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    Other things that attracted me to Islam.
    The nature of The Quran itself. The first time I read a translation of The Quran I knew nothing much about The Quran or Islam. One of the first passages I read totally blew my mind because it was a really accurate description of the big bang and the planets coalescing from nebular matter. I was totally freaked out that a book that was written down 1600 years ago was so scientifically accurate (I was a bit stoned at the time so my mind was ripe for blowing lol). As I read through it and learnt more about it I realised that it's full of stuff that is scientifically accurate and way beyond the knowledge of the time it was revealed. In fact no-one has ever been able to find a scientific inacuracy in The Quran including people who were really determined to do so. The Quran itself has a passage where it says that it will be protected and this has been true. Not one word of The Quran has been changed since the day it was revealed (unlike The Bible which has been changed and abridged numerous times and isn't even in the same langauge it was written in). If every copy of The Quran was destroyed today by tomorrow afternoon it would be written out again with every dot in the right place. Nearly every city in the world has some citizens who can recite every single word of The Quran.

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    Assalaamu alaiykum wr wb...

    I hope this reaches you all, whilst in the best health and emaan insha'allah..

    Alhamdulilah I am also a revert to Islam! I became Muslim when I was 13 (im 19 now), began wearing hijab at 14 and wearing niqaab at 16 alhamdulilah. My family are Greek orthodox, so at the start it was hard and because I was young I think they thought it was either a joke, or just a phase lol. But alhamdulilah, after a year they understood islam much better and were happy with me to practice it as my deen and just wanted me to be happy. I studied for 5 years in madrassa (alimah) alhamdulilah and my husband is also ( so is alim and hafiz). Masha'allah Allah (swst) has blessed me with 4 lovely children. Islam is a peaceful and beautiful way of life and living.


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    sis19, wow! you sound so much like me subhanAllah.

    I became Muslim when I was 14, started wearing hijab a few months later and put niqaab 6 months later, alhamdulillah. My family was the same as yours, at first they just thought it was some teenage phase that I would eventually get over, well its been 5 years now, im not getting over it any time soon! (insha'Allah I never will!)

    I could not be happier with my life! Islam just made so much sense to me and was so easy for me to understand, alhamdulillah. I am now happily married with one son (and hoping for more soon insha'Allah).
    My mum also became Muslim around the same time I did, I dont know what I would have done without her! being Muslim has really made my relationship with her so much better.

    The same thing with the Qur'aan is one of the reasons that I wanted to be Muslim. It is such a beautiful thing to hear, read, memorize. Im trying to memorize the whole Qur'aan (Ive just finished one juzz (one thirtieth) so its gonna take me a while yet!) but my husband has already memorized all of it so hes helping me. He is also a convert, he was Christian, so is his mother and his father is Jewish, they pretty much disowned him and dont have much to do with us at all. but we are slowly trying to keep the family ties with them and show them by example how Islam has changed our lives, for the better! He is studying Islam overseas at the moment.


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    Salaams sisters!

    I guess you could say I was "born" into Islam, however as I've gotten older, I've discovered it again.

    To be honest, I like it that people are as one and all under the same banner of faith. No distinction between where people come from. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) summed it up clearly when he said:

    "A White person has no superiority over a black person, nor does a Black have any superiority over a white, except by piety and good action"

    Now that's something to live by, MashAllah

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