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Thread: Would it be ok for someone to explain this to me?

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    Islamically you can breastfeed in front of women but not men. Obviously, she can in front of her husband.

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    As far as I know, my mum BF us all in public by draping her Sari over us so she kept it discreet. No one could tell she was feeding us. I will BF in public if need be, as long as I take the precautions to be discreet. I don't exactly feel like living up to the standards of others when my baby needs a feed, but that's just my opionion

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    Regardless of what nationally or religion or non-religion a person is in this country as far as my understanding is that yelling at another person in public is legally unacceptable conduct.

    The bottom line is two woman whom are strangers yelled at you in the public in view of all to hear and see and clearly upset you (who wouldn't be) ... HOW CAN THAT BE absolutely acceptable or excusable under any reasoning.

    How can one parent tell another parent how to parent ... If anyone thought they had the upper-hand and right to tell me HOW to parent i would be offended at the highest level (What Mother or Father wouldn't be ????) !!!

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    I don't know what they have said, but whatever it was, for all you know they could have been arguing with each

    As for the ?mask? that's called a Niqab or Burka which is the covering of face, this is something some Muslim women believe in, while others only embrace the head coverage.

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    Default breastfeeding in public.

    No matter what the case, who they were, what was done, yelling is not right. If they represented themselves as Muslims (you said they were covered and veiled) gives them a bigger reason NOT to have done that. Some people blindly follow the dresscode of the people form their culture without understanding it's purpose.

    Being a Muslim means that you conduct yourself as correctly as possible when dealing with other people (muslims or non muslims). Since you said you were not exposing BB's then I don't see why they approached you in the first place.

    But then again some people are less edcuated than others. Should they have known what their religion preaches about giving advice... they would have known that it was very very very wrong what they did. Well.. shoulda woulda coulda.

    I don't have kids but I am fully covered and veiled. If i need to breastfeed in the future, i'd probably slip him under my scarf (it covers my whole body and goes down to my hips) and nobody would even know i have a baby under there! LOL! I've seen other women do it before and when their baby is done they pull it out form underneath their scarf .. i go "woaahh ! i didn't know she had him under there all that time!"
    I found another bonus of covering!
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