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Thread: Asian women doing ivf/icsi

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    Hello everyone. My husband and i will be doing icsi early next year due to husband had vasectomy in previous marriage and we really want to have kids of our own. Our doctor gave us 30% success rate even though i am perfectly healthy is this a normal success rate for women doing icsi?and also i want to know if there are any stories out there asian women fell pregnant doing ivf/icsi in one cycle.

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    Best of luck with your upcoming icsi. I am not sure about success rate as there are so many variables.
    If you are healthy and have no known fertility problems then that will certainly increase your chances of falling pregnant. The man also needs to do there part and it sounds like that's where problems could arise. How old is your husband? Was reversal an option?

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    Thanks for the reply.husband is 39 he had vasectomy for 10 years now, i am 31 turning 32 in 2 months we were looking vasectomy reversal but doctor gave as very low success rate compared to icsi.

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