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Thread: Egg collection - to go under or not?

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    Default Egg collection - to go under or not?

    Hi all this is my first time ever on a forum so please excuse me if I dont quite get all the lingo. I have just started my lucrin injections and all is well but the nurse has told me I can choose to be totally sedated for the egg collection or I can just have a local so I'm awake during the collection.. Has anyone done this before? It sounds kind of invasive and I'd love to hear from anyone that has been awake for this procedure and how they felt about it.

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    Default Re: Egg collection - to go under or not?

    Hi allybaba and welcome

    We had many egg collections in our TTC journey and my clinic generally only offered the local. Having said that, the local is given into the cervix after I was given a sedative and pain relief medication intravenously. Can't say there was ever any pain, some discomfort on the cycle that I hyper-stimulated but I was already sore and sorry before egg collection.

    Best of luck with what you choose!!!

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