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    Oct 2015

    Ivf cost

    Hi everyone!
    My husband and i are planning to do ivf. I am just wondering how much to do ivf in pivet bunbury and or hollywood fertiity centre and if they allow donor sperm.

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    Re: Ivf cost

    It costs $7000-$10000 up front, plus hospital inpatient and procedural fees, plus specialist testing beforehand. You will get $3-4000 back from Medicare, and private health may it may not cover inpatient expenses.

    You will have to discuss donor sperm- and costs- with the clinic directly. You will find reputable clinics provide this information very freely.

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    Nov 2014

    Re: Ivf cost

    It depends on the center of course. For instance in my case, I had it done in Mexico under Hospital De La Familia and it was referred to me by PlacidWay medical tourism company who arranged my travel and appointment. The total cost is $7,500, but in my case my stay in the hotel is not included.

    About the donor, there is a committee to analyze the selection and acceptance of the donor. Your information should include medical history, personal and family, and a medical and psychological evaluation.

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    Apr 2016

    Re: Ivf cost

    It depends on which treatment is needed for you.