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    Hi everyone,
    I am just after some more info- I have booked my first appointment at Genea which is next week with a nurse.
    I am just wondering what to expect? I've had all the initial tests done etc & excited to finally start (its been 6 long years of nothing + cancer blah blah)

    Anyone know what happens for the hour both me & DH will be there? Will we be able to start next cycle?

    My apologies if this has already been asked - I did a quick look & couldn't find anything!


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    Hi Kate & welcome to BellyBelly

    We used a clinic that is now Genea way back when we started IVF. Anyway, our initial appointment was a chat with the nurse about the whole IVF process but in a personalised way ie IVF/ ICSI/ IUI, whatever they had planned based on our results. The drugs, the cycle, what happens, what they do, questions etc etc. As well as a chat with the clinic psychologist. From memory (it is sketchy) we started within a week of the interview.

    Bets of luck! Hope there is only 1 cycle to get your much longed for babe

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