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Thread: Just a guy wanting to say thanks to everyone!

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    Morning all, so my wife is now 33 weeks and up until yesterday everything seemed to be going well, my wife felt very limited movement so went to hospital for a check up. Once we were there found that she was having contractions. Ob has given her steroid injection for the baby and another 1 today to develop the lungs some more and also medication to stop her contractions and labour also starting. I'm really scared about having another premature baby as its really hard work and this new bub is wanting to come out and its even earlier... my wifes really upset that she feels shes just not a good incubator. I just want a safe outcome for both of them. I was put in a really weird situation last night leaving the hospital as i had to go home and look after our little girl and leave my wife there, pre our first baby i would of just stayed the night with her at the hospital. Just felt weird not being there. Anyway today is a new day and hopefully things settle down and can get some more time into this new bub cooking away and i can have both my girls at home again. Time will tell, good luck to all and will be in touch.

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    All the best for your wife. Hope bub stays put for a bit longer

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