thread: low progesterone before/on day of medicated FET?

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    low progesterone before/on day of medicated FET?

    just wondering if anyone knows what their progesterone levels were before, or on day of, FET with HRT?

    started pessaries on thursday and was worried i wasn't absorbing the progesterone pessaries properly as i have had none of my usual symptoms while on prog. support (sore/big boobs, headaches, rage...!), so requested a BT yesterday (saturday) to check levels. as suspected, my levels are lower than the clinic would like, at 18.something. pessaries have been increased from 2 x per day, to 3 x per day. joyful of joys.

    does anyone know how much progesterone would rise per day on 3 x pessaries daily, or what i could reasonably expect my levels to be in another 2 days? this is my first FET with HRT, so not sure whats the usual. my FET is scheduled for tuesday and i would hate to think i am not giving it the best possible chance by not having high enough progesterone.


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    Andie I don't know what my levels are but I take one pessary three times a day for six days prior to transfer. I think my natural progesterone is low though...

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    Hi I always have low progesterone, I was on three progesterone post FET but after a blood test it was upped to 5 they didnt tell me what my level was though I am full of rage and sure boobs!! They test mine weekly until 12 weeks if pregnant. Dont know if that helps or not though


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    I don't know about levels, but mine were a bit low also and were increased with my HRT cycle. That's when I conceived DD.

    Good luck!

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    thanks, ladies. sounds like i am on the right track with at least 3 a day then. tick that off my list of things to stress about.