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Thread: Jewish Pregnancy Customs

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    I'm so sorry i didn't end up writing that big long post that i had been planning on - things are just a little crazy with a toddler & newborn (i barely get time to shower, let alone use the computer!).
    No! Don't worry!! I didn't expect you to write that much, thankyou so much for all your help. You certainly know a lot!

    Ok, so from what you've said it seems I've got it basically right. Yay! I did look it up on the web too but it was getting rather complicated because they kept using hebrew terms for things and I kept forgetting what they meant, rofl.
    So that means that because my AF usually goes for 7 days then it should be 14 days all up with no dtd (or anything else sexual).
    Technically the torah Prohibition during this time is only marital relations, all the other laws are from the rabbi's, to basically put a fence around the law to make it easier to keep
    So for me, I am a Christian so I guess the other laws don't neccesarily apply to me like the ones from the bible do. I don't think I could handle no touching at all anyway, I would miss DH too much, I'm a very physical cuddly sort of person. You must be very strong to do this every month! So I plan on just going with the no 'sexual' contact for now.
    And then at the end of the 14 days you go to a mikvah. Does it say that in the Torah or is it an additional thing like the other laws? I didn't see it in the passage I quoted before so I'm assuming it's more of a Jewish tradition? I was reading about it and all the specifications for what is a mikvah, etc. It seems like a nice tradition so I might incorporate the idea with a special pampering bath at the end to make me feel all nice and as a bit of a symbolic thing to being 'clean' again.

    It will be interesting to see if it has any effect on our relationship at all, hopefully positive! I wonder what DH will say when he gets home and I tell him, rofl. I hope I see the benefits from it for conception aswell And if not I think it's a good thing to do anyway as it's in the bible and I tend to do what is in the bible rather than what some christian churches teach (e.g. we have passover here, not easter).

    Just a note in case you know anyone religious: This is normally a subject that is not really discussed within the community for a reason of modesty
    Thankyou, no I don't really know anyone. Lucky we have the internet or I wouldn't be able to ask these sorts of questions!!

    Thankyou so much for all your information Yael!

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    That is so interesting Yael. Thanks for posting. I love that there is that kind of direction for pregnancy in your religion. Very interesting.

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