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Thread: Knitting while breastfeeding?

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    Default Knitting while breastfeeding?

    I have a big stash and several UFOs including a blanket that was supposed to be for my 3 week old DD. It's been years since I really knit consistently/regularly.

    DD likes to comfort suckle for ages at the end of a feed so I'm hoping to try getting some knitting done. So far I've just been reading but usually need one hand still to support her.

    Ay tips for the knitting/BFing logistics?
    I think I need some more pillows and maybe to start with small projects on short needles?

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    I used to use pillows (bed pillows are better than cushions) to support My baby while I knitted but now my DD has grown bigger I simply can not knit while feeding as she grabs the needles or the yarn. I also preferred to knit in the round, easy to pick up and put down without dropping stitches.

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