I just wanted to find out of there is anyone out there in a similar situation as me for some advice...

I have a 6 year old daughter, and my partner also has a 6 yo daughter who lives with us full time. We are mummy and daddy to both girls even though they both see their other parent every other weekend and some times during the week.

I am now 13 weeks pregnant with our first together and I am worried about how our little family is going to change after this bub. My step daughter and I are very close, and I treat her like my own, although I do, at times, feel guilty about not having enough alone time with my daughter and then having this baby might make that more of an issue. Neither of the girls seem to be affected by this so far, and I am not working this year so that I can spend more time with each of them at school and after school before this baby comes next year.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has these worries about a new baby in a blended family, and if so, what is your secret to overcoming the challenges?