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    I know and talk to a chap irl who sent me a friend request on fb. We have other friends in common, I know him. Ok, he's a bit odd, but who isn't? He's old enough to be my dad, has a son my age in fact.

    He writes odd posts on fb, I don't follow him any more but see his comments on other statuses.

    He starts to send messages telling me he appreciates me etc. Ok, a little creepy, ignore. He's just odd like that. It is just him.

    Posts on my wall. Nothing too creepy.

    Digs out and comments on an 8yo photo of me at a pool party. Starting to feel a line is crossed. Another friend agrees, but we laugh it off as he's weird, but not this creepy, to her too (he keeps saying he likes her personality).

    And now, I post I'm visiting my folks, anyone want a meetup there, thinking old school chums.

    He messages me, wants to visit on my holiday, asking for my parents address as he wants to meet my family. I finally respond, say no. (Those of you who know me on fb will have seen a bit of this.)

    Defriending would be automatic and done ages ago if I didn't live near him and see him irl. Can I tell him that he's too creepy now? DH knows and says it's just him, ignore. But I feel I can't now. Any advice?

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    I think it would be okay to say you are very careful with your Facebook page because of xxx and when you see him, say you have blocked him because some of his posts were inappropriate and made you feel uncomfortable. I have done this before with a relative. I asked her not to post comments on my page because colleagues etc were also friends and I'm very careful about who sees what. I didn't defriend her first though, just deleted her comments on my wall etc that I had issues with.

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    If you block him, it will look like you've deleted your Facebook page. I would just do that and if you see him out and about, and he asks about Facebook, just say you deleted it. Less screen time etc.

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    Thanks. It escalated again, so I have blocked him and also told a couple of friends: one who is still on fb with him who is checking what is written and another in an authority position in the social group.

    Hope it stops now and I'm going to ignore him irl too and tell the second friend if it continues as they have offered to do something if needed. No, second friend isnot a hitman.

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