thread: Irrationally furious.

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    Aug 2010
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    Irrationally furious.

    Today at the swimming pool we decided to get some chips as DS passed the stage and we had a few jobs to do before getting home for lunch.
    It was wildly busy and there was only one person stcthe cafe, both serving and preparing the food.
    There was easily10 people waiting behind me to be served.
    So I make my order and wait to the side so she can take more orders while my chips cooked.
    the person after me steps up to order her coffee when her phone rings. She answers, ignoring the cafe lady, who was trying to take her order.
    The cafe lady waited a couple of minutes, went and grabbed my chips then waited for the gossipy social call to finish.
    customer ignores her.
    So she calls 'Next Please!' and the 2nd in line walks around her to order.
    Woman on phone looks shocked, doesnt hang up but aays loudly 'EXCUSE ME! I am next in line'
    The cafe lady says 'I did try to take your order-' and the rude woman shouts 'How dare you interrupt my phone call! You will wait until I am finished talking instead of letting people push in!'
    the entire crowd were just gobsmacked at her

    Do people really think like that?

    even though I wasnt affected, since I was already served,I shouldn't really be annoyed, but I am so PO'd that someone would do that.

    What irrationally annoys you?

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    Re: Irrationally furious.

    That's not irrational!

    I irrationally hate people who don't want to think. Yet I still teach.