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    This has a bit of a backstory so bare with me!

    You might have read about instances of cars being hit with rocks along the Pacific Motorway, maybe not. It was raining that day and conditions not the best to begin with when I heard the loud noise right next to my 2yr olds window. I took the next exit and stopped at the first service station, there was a huge dent in between both windows. It really shook me up but I thought something must have just been flung up off the road. The next day I saw in the Newspaper that others had come forward with similar experiences at the time and place it had happened to me so got on the phone to the police who were super helpful. I went down to the station and reported the incident and it was added alongside the 16 others. Today I got the call they had found those responsible, some teenagers - their first offence. As such they won't be charged but an oppurtunity for victoms to join police in discussing with them the seriousness of what they have done is being organised for about a months time.

    So questions: has anyone been to something like this? What can I expect? What sort of things do you think would be most effective in getting the message across? I was thinking of taking a photo of my daughter in her carseat next to the dent so they can see just how close it is but is that not really appropriate for this sort of setting/being a bit dramatic?

    To an extent I understand teenagers just not really thinking this through but I do want them to realise just how dangerous this kind of stuff can turn out to be and just don't really know what I should be saying for them to 'get it' so any help would be super appreciated.

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    I am not sure about what to expect hun but how scary I don't think that is too dramatic at all - fact of the matter is, they are [email protected] lucky they didn't kill or injure somebody so I think it is definitely a great idea. If you are unsure maybe just take the photos with you and check with the Police there if they think it is ok. xoxox

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    I would definitely take photos. I have to admit I did that when I was a kid but I would have been under 10 and never did it again. Teenagers really need to have it hit home if they are doing stupid things like that are their age. I think something like that would speak more to them then a lecture.

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    Not sure how they are run in your State, but in SA it's a round table discussion where everyone can voice their feelings about the event.

    Generally, as they are youths their parent/s or guardian/s will also be present too.

    I've never heard of someone bringing in a photo, but take one anyway in case you are able to produce it.

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