thread: Your morning routine?

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    Nov 2008
    in the ning nang nong

    Your morning routine?

    So what do you do in the morning?

    Was it different pre children?

    My routine has generally been to tumble out of bed after a snooze or two, throw on clothes, tie up my hair, throw something for breakfast into my bag and catch the train (whether to school, uni or work). I catch the train with friends, or read, or look at the paper (or BB)on my phone.

    My routine now is getting up earlier to feed babies and express, but otherwise it's about the same! But I often sleep on the train ... I still get in around 7.45ish.

    But some people at work (and one of my brothers) always has brekky together as a family, reads the paper IRL () and *then* go to work.

    I've got no idea how on earth they manage to get all their work done when they're only getting into the office at 9am but power to them!


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    Dec 2008

    My morning routine starts with DH waking me up and kissing my goodbye for the day.

    I get up and get the kids breakfast, make their lunches then pester them to do all the things they need to do before leaving for school

    The older 2 go to the bus stop at 8 and I take dd2 to school at 8,30, then I am alone to do as I please until I go to work.

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    Mar 2006

    pre-DD it was get up, drive into work with DH (shift depending) and breakfast was in there somewhere.

    After DD's arrival, my mornings were spent with a quick breakfast, getting her up and dressed and to creche and then heading to work on my own. If I was on an early shift, I'd get up, shower, throw my hair up, and make breakfast to eat in the car.

    These days, I get up, in the shower, dry hair with dryer, straighten hair, do make up, make coffee and toast for car whilst simultaneously writing reminder notes for DH and DD, take out something for dinner, and then leave.

    I always make lunches and pack bag's the night before. That has never changed.

    I admire anyone who can eat breakfast as a family! It's hard enough for us to even eat dinner as a family with me having done shift work and DH not getting home until after 7 most nights (to accomodate for him dropping DD to school and then having to contend with traffic).

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    May 2008
    Melbourne, Vic

    When do you have to go to work Tinks? Just wondering how much time you have on your hands.

    Mine has changed massively. Before kids I'd get out of bed and take about an hour just to get myself ready. That included breakfast, sitting down and eating.

    Now, when I was working and getting kids to child care, it was an hour to get myself ready, two kids ready and dropped at child care and back to the station.

    What did I do with that whole hour before??

    Now that I'm not working, I roll out of bed (at 30wks, I literally roll ) when the kids drag me out, get brekkie then get myself ready and them ready.

    That'll change if I have to be out of the house before 9am - I get myself up before the kids so that I am ready to go and can just concentrate on them.

    DH can be up and gone in ten minutes - shower, clothes, teeth, out the door. Don't know how he does it

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    Dec 2008

    I leave home around 10.30 OP

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    Jul 2010
    Rural NSW near ACT

    When Hubby goes to work at 5.30
    Wake with DS about 6.30-7 feed him sitting up in bed
    have a play with him then nappy change. Pop him inplay pen and feed dogs.
    Turn him into "michelin baby" with an extraordinary amount of clothes.
    Pop him in pram by about 7.30 and go and feed up horses and muck out boxes/change rugs etc
    by 8.30 back in house for brekky for us both and then onto the rest of the day.

    When hubby leaves for work at 7.45
    Wake up to family cuddle
    sit up in bed and feed DS (while hubby feeds dogs and gets fire going)
    Hand him over to hubby and head out to feed up and let horses out while hubby wrangles DS as he has his brekky and dresses for work.
    Return from stables/paddock about 7.30, quick cuppa and wave goodbye to hubby.
    Feed DS brekky and have mine about 8.30 then turn him into slightly less of a michelin baby and go down and muck stables

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    Jun 2010
    Tiny Town

    My routine now is very different compared to pre-DD!

    Before, I would wake at 6, get DH and I breakfast and take it back to bed. We'd lay around for a bit, and get out of bed around 6:20. I'd pack his bag, he'd get dressed, and he'd be out the door at 6:30. Then I'd clean up the house from the night before, make my lunch, check out the internet before leaving for work at 8:10 - I worked five minutes from home.

    Now, DH tends to sleep in the spare room so that he actually gets sleep, so he gets himself up after a few snoozes, and gets his own breakfast. If I haven't shown up by 6:30 he'll come in to wake me. Ideally I'd be up at 6 and DD would sleep til 6:45, but I'm usually so exhausted and she winds up in bed with me at some point in the night, so when the alarm goes off she rolls over, latches on and I can't leave lol.

    So anyway, when I do get up I straighten my hair and do my makeup, and if DD is up that's not entirely easy. Then we share a bowl of weetbix. I get her changed, get dressed myself, and pack both our bags, which involves getting nappies and milk for her and lunch and walking gear for me. A quick feed for DD then off at 7:45, to get DD to daycare by 8 and me at work at 8:20 as we've moved and it's a bit of a drive.

    So yeah, it's quite different now!

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    Oct 2009
    Bonbeach, Melbourne

    Pre-DD, I'd roll out of bed whenever I woke up (if no work or school or whatever, it'd usually be around 11.30 or 12!) eat some food (or not), shower, spend like an hour doing my makeup.

    Now, I wake up when DH gets up at about 6.30 and cuddle in bed with DD. DH leaves for work, I snuggle DD or play on my phone until she wakes up, usually between 8.30-9 on a good day. Put the radio on on my phone, change DD's nappy, get up and make DD brekky (normally cereal and toast to some degree). Feed DD brekky while I eat some toast. Clean DD up, set her up with some toys while I unload the dishwasher, make DD's bottles for the day and pop them in the fridge and clean up any brekky mess. Chuck DD in the highchair while I have a shower (or shower her with me). Then into DD's room to play for a bit, then it's bottle and nap at 11-11.30 That's my morning.

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    Apr 2008

    On Maternity Leave at the moment but as I work afternoon shifts when Im working its not much different. DH leaves for work at 5 am most mornings.

    If DD3 wakes before 6.45 I feed here and then have a shower, if she is still asleep at 6.45 my alarm goes off and I have a quick shower, then feed DD3 when she wakes

    Then DD1 and DD2 get up and I supervise them getting breakfast (they are learning to use the microwave to warm their milk for cereal). While they eat I empty the dishwasher. Then I get their clothes ready and they dress themselves with minor assistance, dd2 always checks which feet her shoes go on. Kids do their teeth one at a time while the other has their hair done then we make beds together and DD1 packs her school bag and if its Wednesday (childcare) or Friday (playgroup) DD2 packs her bag too. I always wipe over the bathroom sink and get the toilet isnt a festering mess before we leave

    I try and put a load of washing on and get meat out the freezer for dinner, slow cooker on if Im using it that day.

    Once the kids are ready they can play, draw or warch TV before its time to go to school.

    I always have breakfast but when it fits in depends on DD3 and her wake up. If she is up before 6.30 she often wants another feed before we go to school which is why there is always play time for the big girls. We leave at 8.30 for school. I would like to work morning shifts but I would need to leave the house too early

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    Nov 2008
    in the ning nang nong

    DH can be up and gone in ten minutes - shower, clothes, teeth, out the door. Don't know how he does it
    My personal best is bed to train station is 7 minutes

    I used to live less than 100 metres from the station ... I miss that convenience!

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    Feb 2010
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    Before DS it was snooze the alarm a zillion times, starting at 6:00am. Get up make coffee/breakfast, put morning news on to listen to as I got dressed. Then do hair makeup etc, out the door ideally by 7, but more often 7:20....

    Now it is, DS wakes up when DH gets up between 5:30-6, sometimes earlier and comes into our bed and goes back to sleep til 8 normally, sometimes 9. DH will kiss us goodbye when he leaves at 6:30. When we get up I get DS breakie then myself breakfast once he's sorted, then get him changed/dressed then myself (if its not pajama Monday). After that potter around playing and getting stuff done like washing.

    Oh and bb and fb in there somewhere whenever I get the chance!

    sent from my watzamajig so may not make sense....

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    Dec 2011
    Central Coast NSW

    At the moment it's alarm goes off 7.45. Again at 8 then Roll out of bed, wake DD up, get her brekky and do her insulin pump. Get her lunch, school clothes and myself dressed while she eats. Out the door to school by about 8.45. Generally drop her at the gate.
    Come home, back to bed for me, or what ever I need to do for the day.

    Pre maternity leave
    Alarm at 7. Shower, hair, dressed. Get DD up and ready. Out the door 7.30 so she could be dropped at before school care (they gave her brekky). Work by 8.30

    Pre kids
    Depends on hours of work, but I'd get up and out the door usually in 30 mins to catch train etc

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    Feb 2010
    Gold Coast

    Pre DS

    Out of bed at 6am. Into the bathroom for hair & makeup extravaganza (travel coffee optional). Exit bathroom around 6.45. Scrounge for uniform for 5 minutes. Check self out in mirror- more scrounging. Check self out again, repeat as necessary. More coffee and a quick cigarette. Flap around the house doing god knows what for 15minutes........ Leave for work around 7.30, spend the 30min drive smoking as many cigarettes as I can before I hit the office. Arrive at work 8am. More coffee.

    Post DS

    Out of bed between 3.30 and 6am for the morning bottle. Back to bed for as long as he allows me. Alarm goes off at 6.15. Snooze. Alarm goes off at 6.30. Snooze. Alarm goes off at 6.45. Snooze. You get the idea. So I'm up somewhere between 6 and 7am. Rush to toilet myself and brush my teeth before getting DS out of his cot. Bum change, wardrobe change, playtime in the boudoir while mummy beautifies herself. (straighten hair if I'm lucky and slap my face on quickly) 7.15-7.30, my suit of armour is on and I'm ready for the office. Take DS downstairs for playtime and his brekky snack (usually a bloody biscuit because he's obsessed... lol) while I get the kindy bag ready. Possibly grab myself some lunch if I have time. (I usually don't!) 7.50 drag 2 heavy bags and a heavy toddler to the car. 8am arrive at kindy and do the dropoff. 8.15am I'm at my desk. Coffee! Look busy for half an hour. More coffee. around 9am I'm awake and ready to kick some butt, office style. LOL.

    The main parts which are different are the chainsmoking and epic hairstyles. Now it's more of a ninja-style 'get ready really fast and silently' type of caper. I wouldn't want to move suddenly or fart or anything and set off the chain reaction of screaming and crying. From DS that is. I do miss that simpler time....................... and my complicated hairdo of years gone by though. And then the little cherub smiles and I remember why I made him.

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    Jul 2008
    Home with my Son :)

    Before DS I'd get up whenever, if I had to work I'd allow 45mins to shower, eat and get ready..

    Now, If I need to leave the house by 9 I have to get up at 6.. Just expressing and tube feeding take an hour!

    Routine if we go out is: express and BF, clean and test hearing aids and put them in, then nappy change, tube feed, solids. We shower together and then hopefully he plays or sleeps while I finish getting ready and doing a quick tidy up.

    Staying home: Express and BF, clean and test hearing aids and put them in, nappy change, tube feed, solids, then I'll often go back to bed while DS sleeps or I'll clean up..

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    Jun 2003

    Prekids when I worked we left the house together and came home together.

    Then prekids no work I'd get up with him, often make his breakfast. Then have the house clean by 8 am. NO MESS! What a luxury. But can't do this now as I'd wake the whole house. And he comes home earlier so he can spend more time with the kids before they go to bed.

    Now I wake up and have a coffee whilst my babies potter around and do their morning routine. Have I mentioned I have the best babies in the world? Then I take them to school, grab a coffee from sevs and either work or come home and clean the house.

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    Before kids - up around 6:15, shower, breakfast, dress, hair, catch the bus at 7:15.

    Up 6:45 to 7:00
    Start making my breakfast, half unload dishwasher whilst getting lunches ready. Make breakfast for kids, argue with them about it, half eat mine
    Get girls clothes ready, argue with them about it. Have my shower whilst yelling at the girls to get dressed.
    Try to dry off whilst 2 small girls come in to brush teeth and hair. Deal with the "tie up me hair" "she pushed me dramas" whilst still half wet
    Get dressed, remember that I still need to do my teeth and hair and possibly deodorant.
    Put on makeup, whilst girls cry at me that they want to wear lipstick etc
    Tell them to pack bags. Find my shoes, find the dog, lock up dog and try to ignore that has yet again forgotten to feed the chickens, end up feeding the chickens
    Argue about shoes with the girls and what they can and cannot take to school/childcare. Feed cats
    Load them all in to car
    Lock the house
    Strap in youngest, go back to house to get whatever has been forgotten.
    Hopefully pull out of drive way by 8:20, hopefully walk into work at 9am for my first cuppa for the day and phone call to DH to remind him that he forgot the chickens again

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    Jul 2006
    Cloud nine :D

    I can't remember what life was like pre kids :P

    But these days, I wake up have a shower, get dressed, make up on, go get girls bags ready put them in the car, pick up the girls and put them sleeping in the car and put them in blankets, if they are going to kindy tho I need to dress them first, brush their teeth/hair (FDC does everythign for them). and go to work...

    If I am not working its much the same, shower, dress, have coffee (I have time when i am not working), get the girls ready, and out the door by 830 for school drop off.

    Weekends are PJ days unless we're going out :P

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    Dec 2006

    Up when the kids get up, can't get up earlier I am not an early morning person! Cuddle the kids in bed them send them downstairs to play while I shower then get the kids dressed m. While they eat breaky I empty and reload the dishwasher and put on the first load of washing then it's the kinder drop off and swimming for the kids a couple of days a week.