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Thread: Your morning routine?

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    Nobody in our house does pre 7am. Not allowed lol. If 1 should find 1self awake then a quite trip to the tv is allowed to wait for the rest of us. 7.03 normally 3 kids in bed, bottles and water. Up change nap and get breakfast and coffee going. I get the boys their clothes ready the night before. After breakfast and wash, kids dress. Dd and i will drop ds1 at school. Hubby takes ds2 to kindy. Then back for housework, nap, lunch. Somewhere i fit in make up hair and clothes for myself. All our kids eat in pjs lol.

    Before kids i worked night so up 2-4pm breakfasts. Housework. Shopping. Cook dinner for us then go to work.
    Did that alittle after my first baby but it was too tiring and was awful for bfing

    Sorry if it doesn't make sense, the barefoot princess is covering me with kisses

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    Before DD I used to wake at around 5am, get dressed, do hair & make-up & leave the house by 5.30am. I'd get to work and have breakfast there then leave around 2.30/3pm


    On the days that I work I get up at 6am, get dressed, hair & make-up, eat breakfast, wake DD at 6.30am, get her dressed then drop her off at creche to catch the train around about 7/7.15am. I leave the CDB by approx. 4.30/5 pm and get home around 6pm.

    On the days that I don't work DD & I get up around 7/7.30, eat breakfast, get dressed, hair & make-up then take DD to her various activities (kinder or swimming etc...)

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    Up at 7:30, shower, hair & makeup, breakfast if I'm on time, leave for work by 8:15ish. Breakfast at work if running late.


    Feed DD 5:30-6:30, DH changes her and brings her into our bed for a play and cuddles. DH puts her back down, heads to work and I grab extra z's for as long as DD allows. Usually up again 7:30-8:30, feed & play, back down for a longer nap while I eat, get dressed and do as much housework as I can bear.

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    6.15- get woken up by child getting out of bed and pulling half my covers off.
    6.30 - get re-woken by child climbing back into bed.
    6.35 - woken again by second child getting into bed
    6.45 - demand children vacate bed
    7.00 - put alarm on snooze
    7.05 - hit snooze again
    7.07 - small boy reappears in bed and pretends to be a 'popsumm'.
    7.10 - hit snooze again.
    7.11 - demand popsumm gets out of my bed
    7.15 - hit snooze
    7.17 - admit defeat and cede bed to the popsumm
    7.18 - stub toe whilst looking for slippers
    7.19 - stagger to kitchen and put kettle on
    7.20 - return to bedroom to turn alarm off
    7.21 - ask children what they want for breakfast. Get 2 weet-bix with honey for DS1. Refuse to make eggs benedict/sujuk and eggs/blueberry pancakes for DS2. Tell him he can have weet-bix or porridge.
    7.22 - microwave a bowl of porridge for DS2.
    7.23 - Start school lunches. Ask boys what they want on their sandwiches. Make avocado or hommus sandwich for DS2.
    7.25 - kettle boils. make coffee.
    7.26 - spill coffee. Swear profusely.
    7.28 - finish school lunches
    7.29 - burn mouth on coffee. Swear profusely
    7.30 - Find school uniforms and ask children to get dressed in them
    7.33 - Try to print out school project.
    7.32 - fix paper jam
    7.34 - press off button on printer instead of ok button. swear.
    7.35 - repeat request to get dressed to small zombies. Threaten to throw TV away fif they don't turn it off and get ready for school.
    7.36 - realise coffee has gone cold. Drink it anyway.
    7.38 - cat demands breakfast
    7.38 - ignore cat. Look for clothes for self.
    7.44 - Remember printing. Turn printer off at wall and back on again. Get printing undewrway.
    7.46 - Check that both boys have underwear on. Ask DS2 to take his pants off and put undies on underneath them.
    7.48 - find small socks
    7.50 - Finish finding clothes
    7.53 - Go to shower. Ask boys to have school bags ready and shoes and socks on by the time I get out.
    8.05 - step out of shower
    8.06 - realise I still have conditioner in hair.
    8.07 - get back in shower.
    8.08 - dry, moisturise, dress.
    8.15 - tell children to put shoes on or go to school without them
    8.16 - check school bags for contraband
    8.17 - explain to DS2 that light sabres are not allowed at school.
    8.18 - Ask boys to put their jumpers on
    8.19 - tell DH that he needs to wake up because we go in 10 minutes (if he's home)
    8.20 - repeat jumper request.
    8.21 - cat decides that if I won't feed her she will kill me and attempts to trip me up
    8.22 - swear at cat.
    8.23 - feed cat.
    8.24 - cat changes her mind. She's not hungry. She would rather go outside. Tell cat she'll just have to wait.
    8.25 - remind boys that if they don't pack their lunchboxes they will go hungry.
    8.26 - tell the boys to put their jumpers on before I go ballistic
    8.27 - yell at DH
    8.28 - yell at the boys
    8.29 - tell the boys to hustle to the car
    8.30 - make sure seat-belts are done up and argue with DH about who will drive.
    8.31 - race back inside to grab school project from printer
    8.32 - lock door
    8.33 - go back inside for jumper
    8.40 - stop at coffee shop for flat white to take away.
    8.45 - get back in car. ask boys to stop yelling at each other
    8.48 - get boys out of car. Try to get backpacks on them before they do the bolt
    8.49 - carry DS2's backpack over for him
    8.50 - drink my coffee and play on my phone.
    9.00 exhale.

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    Onyx - a small part of me cried for you when I saw that it takes your jug 6 minutes to boil. That sort of delay on coffee is a tragedy.

    I am however rather impressed that your printer manages to jam paper before you tell it to print. Though now I'm a little worried mine will get ideas ...

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    For us it depends - DP noormally leaves by 6:30ish so the girls and i lay in bed until around 7 then we get breakfast and i get them dressed, hair brushed, teeth etc.
    IF i haven't had ashower the night before i shower and get dressed and then we start the day - be it making lunches for kinder, getting ready for swimming or getting ready for gymnastics.

    We also tend to go to the chickens in the morning and let them out if that needs to be done and the dog & cat get fed before we go anywhere.
    Kinder & swimming mornings this all has to be done by 8:30 - 9ish and gymnastics mornings we don't leave the house til a little after 10:30.

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    Before kids I sometimes wouldn't get up till 12. I used to work as tech support from home and just had to clock a certain amount of hours so usually did most overnight, was the best.

    Now we all get up around 6am and go for a 40min walk then breakfast together before DP heads to work around 7:30ish.

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    What nice time to walk and have time with your partner

    Sorry if it doesn't make sense, the barefoot princess is covering me with kisses

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    Before DD:

    Up at 6:45 (or 7 if the snooze button got hit) -
    dry and straighten hair
    make up
    prepare lunches
    (encourage DH to get up)
    eat breakfast
    out the door at 7:40ish to be at work by 8ish

    Up at 6:00 -
    (make sure DH is out of bed - he now does the lunches/prepares DD's bottles for childcare),
    dry and straighten hair,
    make up,
    feed DD breakfast (DH then dresses her or visa versa),
    eat breakfast,
    out the door at 7:20ish to drop DD off at childcare and be at work by 8ish

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    Onxy you are a classic!

    My routine this morning:

    4.30am - Woken by baby Monitor - Mummmeeee! Milk! Stagger into Kitchen, heat up bottle and give to DS, locate Dummy and Giraffie and tuck in blankies. Stagger back to bed
    5.30am - DS now awake and requesting "Music-on, Music-on!" I give in and put wiggles on, change nappy and head into the kitchen
    6.00am - After re-falling asleep on the couch I am woken by a torch beaming into my eye....DS is into the junk draw again. Alarm goes off in the bedroom. DH snoring loudly.
    6.05am - Make toast for DS, strap into Highchair, put cartoons on and go and get showered, changed, makeup etc in the time it takes him to eat 2 peices of toast.
    6.20am - DS has now tipped water all over himself, finished toast and demanding to be let out, DH still snoring.
    6.25am - Wrangle DS into bedroom, crying because he wants to take, Giraffie, Thomas, 2 matchie cars and my bedside table clock in to get changed with him
    6.35am - Brush DS's teeth and do hair - DH still snoring
    6.40am - Gag on my toast and try to swallow my preggie vitamins while DS clinging to me leg wanting up
    6.45am - Dog is now barking, wanting to be let out and fed
    6.50am - Dog is fed, I brush teeth, DH still snoring until DS pegges Thomas at him. DH opens one eye, retrives Thomas, offers Thomas in exchange for a kiss from DS, DS accepts the offer and the transaciton is made
    7.00am - Chase DS down the driveway having just escaped when I opened the garage door, wrangel him into the car - drive to Childcare.
    7.20am - Get to Childcare, have to pry DS off my body, say goodbye and make a break for it, while he is being cuddled by his favorite carer and there is a small break from the tears
    7.25am - Drive like a woman possessed to the Train Station, find a park
    7.36am - Jump on Train, find a seat, headphones in.....and relax! BLISS!

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    Up when baby wakes - anytime between 7-8:30am (she goes to bed at 9:30pm).
    Then I throw on clothes, put her on the potty, let her play on the floor whilst I brush my teeth, wash my face with only water, slap on some moisturiser and deodorant.
    After that I make her brekky, my brekky and hubby's brekkie. We wave goodbye to daddy (10am) and then we play until her first nap (right now she is all over the shop so anytime between 10:30-1pm).
    Then I go and fix my hair, put on some perfume and maybe some mascara if I'll be going out to run errands with her later that day. Most of the time I just collapse into a vegetative state on the sofa and think of all the housework I should be doing while she sleeps that I won't end up doing...

    Showers only happen at night when hubby is home.

    Back in the day I would wake up, do some light stretching/meditation, spend some time pampering myself in the bathroom (dry body brushing, facial etc), come out and make myself a grand brekkie to share with the hubs, then have a cup of tea whilst I browsed some blogs before starting work (I worked at home). Now my day starts with a foot to the face and the sound of baby farts - bliss

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    Pre-baby it was sleep, roll out of bed when I needed to depending on work/uni schedule, have a coffee, maybe some study, maybe some housework, maybe some nothing... It was all very relaxed...

    Before I finished work a week ago my regular morning routine was: (if DP had an early shift) 6am: Alarm goes off, swear at the phone, roll out of bed and get dressed, turn kettle on, wake up DD, dress DD or send her to get dressed, do our hair etc, make DD's breakfast, make coffee, make my lunch and fill drink bottles while coffee is cooling, sit and drink coffee and then eat my breakfast with DD who is usually still dawdling around eating, hurry DD who is still eating, check her daycare bag, check I've got my work stuff, brush our teeth, shoes on, allow at least 5 minutes for DD to complain about something/try to bargin to take something the daycare/take her sweet time getting into the car, and out of the garage by 7.15am to do daycare dropoff and get to work by 7.45am.

    If DP didn't do an early shift it was much nicer, I could sit with DD have breakfast while DP made my lunch and I didn't have to hurry DD to eat or deal with the whingefest/daycare bargin/car procrastination routine.

    I cannot get up less than half an hour before I need to leave. I swear it's just not safe for me to be driving so close to waking up ROFL!

    The mornings I can deal with though, it's the afternoons that really suck (my partner does split shifts usually). I don't know how I managed to WASTE so much time before kids... I leave work at 3.45pm and I can manage to drive to daycare, do daycare pickup with chatty carers, drive home, afternoon tea, play with DD, some housework, check emails and make reply to any from uni, feed the dog, water the vegies, shower/bath myself and DD, have dinner on the table and have all dishes washed by the time DP gets home at 6.15pm. And afternoons are shocking. DD and I are both tired, cranky, whingey and annoyed. My feet hurt. My back hurts. My head hurts. Pre-kids I used to just get home and vege on the couch thinking "I can't beleive how tired I am", until I could be bothered getting back up again. HA!

    Maternity leave is SWEEEEET lol, DD is enjoying the relaxed mornings too

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    The alarm is set for 5.30 but DS2 usually jumps on the bed and announces that he wants "wee-bix" at 5.

    DH gets the weetbix for DS2 while I jump in the shower and wash my hair
    DH also starts to prep breakfast for us
    As I'm getting out of the shower DS2 is getting in (this keeps him occupied so DH can shave and I can get dressed)
    DH has a shower
    I dress DS2 and then continue with the breakfast preparation (while yelling at DSS and DS1 to get out of either the shower or bed - where ever they are at in their routine) and grab our lunches (which are made up the night before)
    DH joins me and the three of us have breakfast together (DS2 eating off our plates ... it's actually his second breakfast)
    DH tidies up the breakfast things while I dry my hair and put on makeup
    I warm up the car and put DS2 in the car while DH puts on his suit
    He brings out the bags
    We are out of the house by 6.30/6.45

    Pre-DS2 it was all of the above just minus him! And,if I was lucky DH asking for something at 5 in the morning...hehehe....

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    on DHs work days:
    7am DH gets up ('quietly' hahahahah!!!) and showers, dresses, then puts DDs porridge in the microwave. He grabs her bag for the day (she has a daycare bag, a swimming bag and then the shared nappy bag) and double checks it (I usually have it packed the night before) and puts in morning tea (I prepare the night before) or fruit for daycare
    8am my alarm goes. I sneak out of bed, and hopefully shower without both kids waking. Then change bums/dress them if DH is busy, otherwise I eat brekkie and boob DS while he dresses DD, then I dress DS.
    830 out the door.
    non work days its the same routine, just no set times. infact sometimes I even get to sleep till 9ish, and DD will have brekkie with DH while DS and I snooze!

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    Before DD it was alarm at anywhere between 5.30 and 6.15 then dress, grab muesli bar and out the door on the way to the train station within 15min. Could make it 10 if I was running late.

    Now with a 6 week old DD it's wake to her snuffling or fidgeting beside me in bed, breastfeed lying down, either go back to sleep or reach for phone or iPad. Unless we have to be somewhere its out of bed only when DD no longer wants to sleep or really needs a nappy change - somewhere between 8 and 10.30am. (Somewhere in there DH gets out of bed and heads to work too but I'm often barely awake when that happens.) when I finally get up I'm then faced with the big decisions - clothes or pajamas? Breakfast or just call it brunch now?

    I can't imagine what things will be like when I go back to work in Feb. likely to involve 'hand DD to nanny' because I'll have to be at work long before any child care centers open.

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    Forgot to mention since the bassinet DD doesn't want to sleep in has replaced my bedside table I no longer know what time it is unless I grab my phone. Surprisingly it makes night times and middle of the night feeding much less stressful.

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    It has been so long since I worked I can't remember!!

    Now I get up around 7am. Kids watch telly and I play with the baby for a bit until I realise it is 7.45am and we are going to be late. Feed kids their breakfast, scoff down my bit of toast and make the lunch boxes while they are eating. Then nag at DS to get dressed while gathering clothes for the girls and I. Dress the little kids, then myself. Lunch boxes in bags, hunt around for hats, jackets and shoes. Out the door by 8.40am for kindy drop off. I have been quite impressed at myself for getting 4 people dressed, fed and ready to go in less than an hour. I have managed it in 30 minutes if we have slept in. Of course the sacrifice has been my shower - used to have one every morning, but now jump in the bath/shower with the kids at night instead.

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    Default Re: Your morning routine?

    These days, my alarm goes off at 4.30am, I roll out of bed soon thereafter, and go to the gym.

    After my gym class, I often have a quick (long) dip in the spa, and then a quick (long) shower, get dressed and go to work.

    I have my brekky at work, and try to drink 2L of water.

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