: What's you pubic hair preference?

  • Brazilian all the way

    22 20.95%
  • Regular bikini waxes

    10 9.52%
  • Keep it tidy myself

    50 47.62%
  • Free and natural - hairier the better

    3 2.86%
  • Don't give it much thought - if I can be bothered, it's tidy.

    24 22.86%

thread: Hairy question (and poll) ....;)

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    Jan 2009

    Hairy question (and poll) ....;)

    Okay, hope no one is disgusted by this thread! I've been curious about this for a while and thought I'd ask you rather large bunch of ladies - since it's not something that comes up in (my) everyday conversations with friends or colleagues.

    But with shows like big brother and the like, it would seem that every fashionable woman in society tends to do something serious with her pubic hair...... so what's you preference??

    **** was going to make this a poll, but seems I can't do that in this section???

    I was going to put:

    What's you pubic hair preference?

    * Brazilian all the way

    * Regular bikini waxes

    * Keep it tidy myself

    * Free and natural - hairier the better

    * Don't give it much thought - if I can be bothered, it's tidy.

    Anyway, if anyone has the power to make this a poll and actually could be bothered (it's a bit silly really) please do so, otherwise, answer away!

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    Jul 2007

    I find the idea of brazilians totally pre-pubescent and feel that if that is what men are attracted to it is sick, sick, sick. HOWEVER, I understand it from a cleanliness aspect, because mine annoys the crap out of me and I would laser it off in a second if I could afford it. Still gets me thinking of 10 year old girls and i just don't think it's ... right. My opinion only.

    I tidy when I can be bothered. Lazy, but my DF loves me for me, not for how hairy or hairless my pubic region is. Okay so maybe things are a little more, interesting , in the bedroom on the odd occassion it all comes off or is tidied 'well' but we aren't dependantm on that.

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    Nov 2005
    in a house!

    I don't do waxing... NO WAY!

    But I do fully shave every time I have a shower

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    Jun 2008

    im with Cookiemonster, I find the idea of being completely hairfree down there a bit wrong, I am a woman now not a girl.
    I do like it to be tidy though and will either get a bikini wax or keep it tidy myself, but every now and then it gets a bit wild, just depends how busy I am etc. DH never complains whatever state its in, though Im sure he preferes it with hair and not without - ohhh, I hate the thought of him being into it 'without'...no offense to others but yea I just dont get the brazillian thing.

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    Mar 2008
    Perth, WA

    I personally prefer totally waxed...on myself though. Becuase of cleanliness factor when having heavy periods especially.

    On other women I don't mind but not a huge fan of mega natural...waxed, shaved, trimmed, neat and tidy...not fussy!

    On hubby...I like him waxed too and so does he.

    Myself at the moment....weeellll....I can't see anything past my baby bump so it's probably pretty untidy! Booking in for a wax next weekend :-P

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    Mar 2008
    Perth, WA

    I just prefer wax over shaving becuase less itchy regrowth! :-)

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    Jan 2007
    East Kurrajong

    lol i have wonded myself am i the last shaver on earth.....

    i shave mostof it about every 2nd shower.

    LOL during PG i couldn't even see my thighs let alone down there and after the boys came it looked like a yetty had moved in.

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    Hmmmm..... I don't like looking down there... things could get lost in the jungle..

    So yeah anyway - uh... don't have the time at the moment to focus on me that much - so nothing gets done.

    But I'm not a fan of the no hair look down there - aside from the "little girl" reminders - I've watched farrrrrrrrrrr too much porn in my life to go there.. lol

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    Dec 2007
    Taking a ride on my grdonkey :D

    I've been taking it all off with my razor since I was 15... I just prefer not having my undies full of hair, and I find it actually increases sensation during... *ahem*...
    I do get a bit lazy at times and DH comments on it lol, one of these days I'll suck it up and book myself in for a wax, I've tried waxing it at home but it's a bit fiddly, so I'll let a pro do the work - I'm not scared of the pain at all, just worried about some pert little thing being horrified at the sight of my bits!!
    DH occasionally takes his off, too - I've never asked him to but he just surprised me one night and every so often he gives it a going-over... I don't really notice any difference but if he wants to do it, he can go ahead hahaha...

    As far as the 'pre-pubescent' thing goes, tbh that doesn't concern me. Little girls don't have the hips, boobs and bum that I have so I don't worry at all about being 'confused' for a young girl lol I just prefer the look and feel of it for myself.

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    Aug 2005
    Melbourne, Victoria

    poll added

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    Oct 2004
    In my Zombie proof fortress.

    I find the idea of brazilians totally pre-pubescent and feel that if that is what men are attracted to it is sick, sick, sick.
    I feel the same, which is a problem here as DH prefers hair free. I have explained to him my concerns and he says it is more to do with his past, most of his ex (if you can call them that) were hair free, he is used to it. So we kind of compromise, if we can be bothered, he will do a clean up for me, just leaving a "landing strip" So overall I prefer semi-tidy.

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    Apr 2008

    At the moment I can't see it so it doesn't exist

    Normally though I keep it tidy myself with a trim and make sure no stragglers hang out the sides of my bathers. I have done the wax it all off except for the landing strip but I kept getting thrush - obviously the hair down there is there for a reason and I actually find that the self-cleaning mechanism works better with some hair there IYKWIM. So after that I decided it was better to keep it neat myself than to keep Canestan in business

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    I prefer a-la-natural. I have done the brazilian thing for a while, which DH loves but its part the whole sexual attraction thing, it keeps the pheremones there and it's definately a more musky/animal/raw scent during DTD kwim? Not a dirty/unclean scent, but completely natural and a real turn on, same with DH's hair.

    As for cleanliness, I shower everyday, sometimes twice during a heavy AF so I don't see how that's an issue for me.

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    Jun 2007
    Melbourne, ready to meet peeps IRL

    well seeing BHL is only home for a week and away for two I only shave the day he is due home, I do the " landing strip" as thats what I like I could ever go " all off " but each to there own... BHL will sometimes take all his off, but I not a huge fan as it gets a bit *****ly....lol But he thinks it makes things look bigger even thought I tell him its big enough it doesnt need to look bigger.... men always want things bigger, our boobs and their dudes....

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    Apr 2008
    The Purple House, Sydney

    Interesting. I thought I was the only one who thought that Brazillians were a little.. well... odd. I actually have had one and liked the feel of it, but it still seems a bit weird.

    Just for my own curiousity here- with shaving, isn't it itchy?

    When I can be bothered, I use cream and take most of it, leaving a landing strip which I trim. I remember being about 35 weeks pregnant with ds and dh asking me wasn't I going to have a wax before the birth, so the midwife wouldn't think I was 'feral'? I swear nearly decked him. Idiot.

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    Mar 2007

    I don't get the brazillian thing either, thought I was the only one, creeps me out that guys would like it.

    I just keep mine tidy myself with a little trim so it's neat. Sometimes shave bikini line but would rather get that waxed because the itchiness drives me insane. But I never am actually bothered to get a wax anyway, lol, more likely if I had to wear swimmers but I haven't for ages.

    I was wondering about the itchiness thing too, how on earth can you shave it all off and deal with that itchiness, I would die!! Not to mention I'm too scared of cutting myself and have no idea how you get everywhere.

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    Dec 2007
    Taking a ride on my grdonkey :D

    Just for my own curiousity here- with shaving, isn't it itchy?
    I find if you use a crap razor, and don't exfoliate properly, then yes, it does get itchy and prone to awful ingrown hairs. But using a good-quality razor (eg a Gilette Venus or something with multiple blades vs those Bic disposable one-bladers) and lathering with shower gel/body wash instead of shaving cream (a lot of shaving creams dry my skin out anyway, I don't know about anybody else) goes a long, long way towards keeping things comfy... and for the first week or so when it's growing back through the skin, I give everything a good hard scrub with my loofah to help the hairs break through the skin so they don't get ingrown...

    Lol sorry if that's tmi!! But no, I don't usually have a problem with itching and ingrowns - it only gets itchy if I leave it too long and it gets a bit feral down there lol

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    Aug 2008

    I voted for the -* Don't give it much thought - if I can be bothered, it's tidy.
    Im so busy with 5 kids and house work, that area is kinda the last place that gets a tidy up, iykwim, lol. It is always the first place to get a clean when in the shower, everynow and then it might get a wax or a shave, but nothing fancy.
    I dont think hubby really cares either.