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    Aug 2006
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    What does your...

    What does your HANDBAG (backpack/bumbag) - and its contents - say about you as a person?

    What would you like it say about you as a person?

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    Dec 2008

    It's full of junk so I guess it says I am a hoarder.

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    Jan 2011

    That I'm a mum! Nappies, wet ones, tissues, change mat, snacks etc

    It also suggests I need to sort through it more because there would also be receipts, chewy wrappers coins etc.

    I wish it said that I was a well organised mum!

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    Apr 2009
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    I looked into my younger sisters handbag the other day- purse, keys, phone and gum.

    Looked into mine-
    Receipts, purse, my keys, DD's keys, numerous pens and pencils, happy meal toy, tissues (used and unused), gum, chocolate bar from 6 months ago, half eaten lolly pop, various childrens jewelery, 1 sock- the list goes on!

    I think it says I need a smaller bag!

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    It probably says I am paranoid. One zippered side is dedicated to medications I may need while out. Now that IBS is under control it can probably have a good cleanout LOL.

    The middle zipped part is just my phone and my purse.

    The other zippered side is for any appointment cards for my son.

    Having said all that though, since getting a cover for my phone that I can put cards/money in, I rarely take my handbag out.

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    Jun 2010
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    Not much at all! At most it has my phone, wallet, keys, gum and lipgloss. But when I go out I'll either take that, just the phone, wallet and keys without the bag, or a nappy bag.

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    Jan 2010
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    I'm using quite a large bag at the moment, bigger than a regular handbag.

    It usually has on a week day gym gear, heels, lunchbox, sunglass case, diary, notepad & pens, purse, small carry bag (which has my myki, house keys, swipe cards for work), make-up, 2 sets of headphones (buds & proper ones), charger cord, lip balm, umbrella, jumper, hairbrush, water bottle, keep cup, mobile phone, kobo, book. Up until last week uni notes and occassionally laptop as well.

    Weekends I take what I need in my small carry bag.
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    Feb 2006
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    That I'm a mum- nappy, small pack of wipes, small kiddy snacks (like a muesli bar, lolly pop...), bandaids and a pack of mini pencils.

    That I like to be prepared- tissues, small nail kit (with nail clippers, nail file); one pocket with some paracetomol, ibuprofen, antacids; another pocket with lip gloss, small mascara, mini perfume, hand sanitiser, moisturiser; a small pocket book with cards, phone numbers/addresses and other info and spare pages to use; a small but bright torch.

    That I am a girly girl- my books, phone cover and nail kit etc are all shades of pink or flowery.

    That I have good dental hygiene- tooth picks and gum are always in my bag!

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    Mar 2004

    That I only carry the bare essentials. Wallet, keys, sunglasses, chewing gum.

    My gym bag on the other hand...... I actually have rope in there, because, just in case lol.

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    Sep 2005
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    That I never have to travel too far from home.
    Wallet, phone, a spare nappy (no wipes had to buy some more today) and two layby receipts showing regular payments.

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    Jan 2006

    Purse, phone, keys, pen, diary, hair band, brush, makeup, kindle, crayons, stuff to mark, memory sticks, sometimes lunch.

    Also can add the odd small toy, sometimes a ds, receipts with maths questions on the back for Liebs...

    What does it say? I don't want my bag nicked! Too much in there.

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    Oct 2012

    That I'm OCD..... All keys are in the little side zip pocket, purse and coin purse in the centre zip pocket, sunglasses in a hard case so they don't get scratched, phone inside the little side pocket with pen and note pad in the one next to it. Each bag also contains another little cosmetic bag with headache tablets, band aids, tampons, lipgloss, tissues, hand sanitiser and wipes.

    Drives my DH crazy when I ask him to get anything from my bag, he never knows which pocket to look in!!

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    Nov 2008
    Perth, WA

    It says I like to be prepared for every eventuality... Wallet, keys, phone, tissues plus band aids, nail file, brush, lipgloss, asthma spray, glasses, gum. Everything after tissues hasn't been used for at least six months Then there's the really disgusting stuff - old receipts, lollies from when I last flew (14 months ago), an old Freddo, lollipop stick, dirty tissues. Oh, and a plastic spoon for when DS decides he needs one to eat a 30c Maccas cone! Oh yeah, there's also a note book, pen, pencil (in case the pen stops working) and hand sanitiser.

    Oh, and it also says I'm a bit grubby and lazy as it's white, except for the shoulder strap, which has gone a grimy grey but I haven't been bothered to clean it.

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    Oct 2013
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    I make a terrible female, I can't do handbags, I'm a backpack or satchel person..

    I take two bags out with me everywhere, Kids now always want to take their own bags, in theirs they have a change of clothes, hats and food + drink each.

    In my Side satchel I have wallet (coz again, I can't do purses or handbags :/ gah!), phone, keys, Medical dairy (for incase I were to have a seizure and people need to know who to call/what to do), first aid kit, snacks, water bottle, note pad + pen, disposable oncho, glasses, 3DS, gum, lady product.

    Backpack contains all my camera and camera related gear lol.. 2 Camera's, Various Lenses, Off camera flash, Portable diffuser, Tripod, Photographer magazine (most related to what I want to do), Lens pen, filters of all sorts + holder, extra memory cards, batteries and a condom.. lol

    So probably says I overthink and try to be prepared for any situation?