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Thread: IMPORTANT - LT forum members PLEASE READ

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    Just a reminder to everyone who posts in the LTTTC/AC forums that there is an extra need for sensitivity when contributing to these forums.

    The internet can sometimes make messages come across the wrong way, or insensitively, causing hurt and frustration to other members, because internet communication is the written word rather than face to face. There isn't the value of the spoken word with internet communication. So please be very mindful of not only what you post, but also the way in which you phrase your posts.

    BellyBelly's forums all demand a lot of support, understanding and kindness, but specifically this is even more of a necessity in LTTTC/AC. The frustrations of LTTTC/AC along with hormones and meds means that everyone is understandably very sensitive, and this really needs to be a place of positive support - be careful if you are ever tempted to use sarcasm or humour, as even with the best intentions, these messages can be read as very hurtful.

    Please find following some updated guidelines for the LT forums. Please read carefully, and should you wish to discuss the content of this post, please feel free to contact Lenny or Marcellus directly by email. You will find details of our email addresses in this post.

    LT Vent Forum: This forum will be restricted to those who are LT TTC only. If a member becomes pregnant, their membership to the forum will be removed. If the member starts to TTC again, they are encouraged to resubmit their application for membership. This is to allow the members who are still TTC to vent without fear offending anyone. This is effective immediately.

    LTAC Forum: this forum is for women who have gone through many cycles of AC/IVF. It is a 'veteran's' forum, and it also incorporates the 'Donor Conception' thread. Please be sensitive when posting. There are specific guidelines that relate to this forum are above, please read them. Information relating to the Donor thread can be found HERE

    LTTTC: this thread is for anyone who has been trying to conceive for longer than 12 months, and includes anyone who has recently started trying with the aid of medical intervention. However, we have a separate thread for anyone (no matter how long you've been trying) who are using Clomid/Metformin.

    Once you fall Pregnant As a LTer myself, I can assure you that it is a celebration indeed when a LTer finally falls pg, and it is very common for someone in those early stages of pregnancy to not wish to leave the support and familiarity of their LT discussion group. But please be aware that you may have been cycling with someone who did not get their longed-for BFP and to see your progress can sometimes be heart-wrenching.

    However, we do understand that falling pg after LTTTC has challenges all its own, and it is in recognition of this that we encourage you to join the Pregnancy after LTTTC forum, where you will be able to obsess with women who have BTDT, while still being sensitive to the very people in the LT forums who supported you.

    Recommending Fertility Specialists or IVF Clinics: Finally, can we ask that if you are asking for recommendations for Fertility Specialists or IVF clinics, that you put in your request for other members to respond to you in the form of a PM. If you are a member that does not have access to PM, and you are happy to be contacted privately via email, please put this in your post and a Moderator will try to help out.

    Thank you for reading and again, should you wish to discuss anything, please feel free to contact one of the moderators of this forum.
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