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    Hi everyone, We have been TTC for 4 and a half years. 2 miscarriages and one fetal abnormality leading to still birth. I am currently on my 6th cycle of clomid and so coming up to some very hard and $$$ decisions.
    Been to see monash IVF and he says IVF is better than IUI. I have PCOS and he has had more success with IVF. BUT IVF is gunna cost about 9 grand up front which I dont have spare.
    On the other side, IUI is more like one grand which is much more manageable.

    I feel horrible, I hate how its all coming down to the $$$ side. My DH cant work at the moment so Im working like crazy to keep us going.

    Iv got one more month of clomid which is happenning whilst we are in bali on holiday (actually my fertile days are during the holiday) so im hoping just relaxing will help.

    What are some of your experiences between IUI and IVF?

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    Our daughter is an iui kidlet. Given you have successfully fallen pregnant yourself, there is a chance iui will work (as there are no tubal blockages etc). But they will only let you do x number of cycles, if you icer resound they will cancel rather than trigger (something that often happens with pcos) - there is a lot to consider. Talk to the counsellor attached to monash if you need to. Jump in the ltttc and assisted conception general chatter thread for some advice. And good luck!

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