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Thread: Long Term Assisted Conception Dec 2007

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    Hello Ladies

    Ellie - Welcome back hun, congrats on the move and comiserations on the dial up... hehe, your poor DH!

    Chez - Wow 10kg is fantastic! And im glad i can be motivating Ahh and stay away AF just for a few days! Good luck with the FS.

    Hope everything is going well with BG, BW, Mel, Odette, Kell & Ann.

    Well i know i have a slight vent.. i went to fat club on wed and sat where we usually do, and yes i may have already have been agitated at only losing 300g when i had been sooooo good! Anyway... this couple and another lady friend came and parked us in with their prams and blocked the doorway. One sat next to me holding a baby and two directly behing me holding their twins... and drove me & DH insane. I sure you can imagine.. chatting the whole time and one of the ladies was SOOOOO annoying and yelled the whole time and then had the gall to have a go at me and DH for trying to leave but couldn't get throught the doorway with 3 prams blocking it!! Ok i know probably a huge over reaction on my behalf but arghhh.

    Ok shut up Shannnon! Also CD35 here and starting to get a little frustrated!

    Positive Shannon will be back next time! Sorry for the bleeding ears!


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    PP, my EWCM is often quite cloudy, so I'd still say it's fertile mucus you've got there.

    There's me and my mucus obsession again...


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    ahhhhhhhhhhh, that obsession is handy sometimes hunny

    knew you wouldn't be able to resist answering

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