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    LTTTC/AC support social group

    For discussing the emotional aspect of IVF and LTTTC. Not for discussions about cycles, but for the giving and receiving of emotional support.

    This will be a place to share our feelings, discuss our difficulties and be there for one another. Cycle info etc should stay in the discussion threads.

    This is the link to the group: LTTTC/AC group. Please note that joining this groupis by INVITATION ONLY, if you wish to join, PM Gargy or Dusty for admission.

    ONLY LTTTCers who are active posters in the LT forums will be invited.

    New topics or questions are posted every couple of weeks depending on how discussions are going. If members of the Social Group have a topic they would like the group to discuss please send it on to either me Gargy or Dusty.

    Please note the Social Group forum doesn't have a function to send notifications if someone posts a new message, so members can instead regularly check the Group to keep up to date with the discussion.
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    New topic time...

    Do you celebrate Christmas or other religious festivals around this time of the year? If so, what has been the impact of LTTTC on your festive season?

    This article may also help

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