Hi Everyone,

I had done so many IVF cycles in three years, there is no success. My doctor asked me to move on egg donor, it takes me a long time to accept it. Now we found a oversea donor and we are going to do the procedure next month.

The overseas doctor asked me to use birth control pill to adjust my period to synchronize with egg donor (she took the pill as well) because my period is 10 days advance than the egg donor. However my doctor in Australia said he will give me Progynova 2mg x3 time a day for next hormone replacement cycle, so I don't need to take birth control pill to adjust my cycle, he will help me to get the lining right before I travel to overseas.

I am quiet confused, I don't know who I am going to follow. Does anyone use Progynova hormone replacement cycle? Do you still need to take birth control pill to synchronize period with egg donor one cycle before?


Best Regards,