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Thread: Stupid pregnyl and bfp question

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    Hi Ladies!

    I know as I type this that I am being ridiculous lol.
    So in December, we done a natural FET which was a BFN. That was our only and last frozen blast.
    We started to do another full cycle in January, which was cancelled due to low eggs (only 1! )
    I received a trigger shot while I was in the doctors office to get ovulation going, so we then did timed intercourse etc.
    I had 3 1500 pregnyl shots afterwards (on the 23rd, 26th and 29th).
    I did a test yesterday morning which was faint, and another this morning which was even fainter, so I know it's the pregnyl leaving.
    My question it possible for me to still be pregnant, but my HCG is still not high enough to show? The doctor said to test on Friday (I'm being silly and doing it daily from yesterday)
    I just feel like my boobies are getting bigger (even the husband noticed, which in itself shows that it is a noticeable change for him to say something lol!) and my smell seems to be worse.
    I don't think these symptoms are from pregnyl anymore as it is pretty much gone now.

    I'm just being silly aren't I?

    Thank you!

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    When did you think you would have ovulated?
    Do you know why you need IVF or is your issue unexplained?
    I have not pregnyl before but have a friend that is currently testing it out of her system. I'm sure she said 1 week for a BFN. Would that be about right?
    If its about a week and I guess having had several it could be longer for you then there could be a day or 2 with a BFN before the BFP would show right?
    Best of luck. I hope its a BFP within a few days.

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    Default Re: Stupid pregnyl and bfp question

    I am currently on pregnyl, taking 3rd dose of 1500 tomorrow, being wednesday.

    I had one Pregnyl day of FET
    2nd 3 days later, and 3rd dose 3 days after that, being tomorrow.

    the nurses told me you could get a false positive so I wont be testing til AF is actually late.

    good luck

    AF would be due

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