thread: Accupuncture success??

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    Aug 2009
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    Accupuncture success??

    Helloooo ladies,

    Its been a while since i have posted. After being told we needed IVF to conceive i sort of withdrew from the world.
    But i am back now My hubby and i are trying every natural root before resorting to the big bad IVF, so i was hoping for some
    success stories on accupuncture?
    I have been doing it for four or five weeks now, but would love some inspirational stories to raise my spirits.


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    Dec 2007

    Hi there, my hubby and I tried for 6 years before moving to ivf. During this time we didn't use acu, mainly cause i didn't know about its benefits. I have used acupuncture whilst on ivf - Icsi and have fallen Pg each time I have used acu!! I'm a big believer in it!! It is awesome. Goodluck and may ur Ttc journey b really short! Rach x

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    Oct 2008

    I conceived naturally, but used acupuncture as support. I fell pregnant the first cycle on acupuncture. I love it and go regularly anyway. A friend of mine also used it with IVF and had a successful pregnancy. HTH.

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    Dec 2011

    Hi Miss Kris,

    We tried unsuccessfully for more than a year to conceive baby number 3 and it just didn't happen.

    In desperation I turned to acu wih an amazing Chinese acu practitioner in Perth who specializes in Pregnancy and conception issues. I did three months of acu - three to four times per week without fail. I had given up hope of conceiving naturally and commenced IVF. My acu practitioner was supportive of the approach and modified my acu to support the IVF cycle - I fell pregnant on my first FET (I couldn't have a natural transfer due to OHSS).

    I rushed around and did an acu session in the morning pre embryo transfer and immediately following embryo transfer.

    10 days later I tested positive and two weeks after my first pos pg test - I had a dating scan and discovered that even thou I only had ONE embryo transferred - it divided naturally post transfer and I am 10 weeks pg with identical twins.

    I am actually more convinced in the acu than anything else. Many people do cycle after cycle of IVF and don't conceive - I believe the acu helped me HUGELY. I cannot recommend it enough. It also helped get me mentally and emotionally balanced through the IVF cycle and I didn't have any massive meltdowns

    Acu is costly - but it's worth every cent! I wish you all the luck in the world.

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    Nov 2004

    Accupuncture success??

    Check out my birth story of DS2- he was a TCM success story !! 10 years of no success- 8 IVF attempts (twins and a m/c success) to get our family and then 6 months TCM worked for us! Awesome and totally believe in it!!

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    Sep 2008

    DH and I were about to start on the IUI path and whilst we are waiting, I decided to try acupuncture and chinese thing I ever did! In 2 year after coming off the pill, I had only 2 periods, and then we were ttc, I hadn't had af for a good 10 months. Within 2 months of starting acupuncture and chinese medicine, I had af, and on my very next cycle, I got pg with my dd. My cycles were still long, but she got things working so that I was actually ovulating. I now have regular acupuncture appointments (I had one just yesterday actually!) and I cannot speak highly enough about its amazing powers.

    Good luck with your ttc journey x

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    Sep 2011

    I'm also a big believer in acu and tradional chinese medicine. I started seeing my acupuncturist pre-conception with our third. It was great getting balanced and ready to conceive and the lady I see, works on preparing the body for conception as well as helping the body to hold onto the pregnancy etc. She specialises in women's health and has had great success helping other couples to conceive who have either been on IVF or doing both at the same time.

    I've had trouble with post partum haemorhage (? spelling) and she's helping me on this pregnancy so that I hopefully don't bleed so much post birth. With my previous two pregnancies, I only saw an acupuncturist towards the end, for going overdue, however, this time around, I've gone monthly and have had such an easier pregnancy.
    I would highly recommend it to anybody who is trying to conceive. Good luck with it all!

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    Jan 2011


    I ended up conceiving naturally but i have PCOS and my periods were hideously out of wack. Decided to try acupuncture before i tried clomid etc. Went twice a week and had some of their herbs (not that i religously took those) and within 3 months we had a bfp! I honestly swear by it, because i know it worked wonders for me.

    All the best hun!!!

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    Mar 2007

    I haven't had to go through IVF myself, however I do know that there is strong evidence to suggest IVF in addition to Acupuncture proves very successful results!

    I had Acupuncture to help me conceive with both children and I honestly believe it made the difference!! There is definitely something in it. As long as you are seeing one that specialises in womens fertility and health.

    I wish you all the very best.

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    Jul 2010
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    We tried for 8 years and finally got lucky without help for our first. At 42 I was looking down the barrel of IVF for our second. One FS actually said I wouldn't get pg without IVF!
    I was terrified of all the IVF needles so went for accu.
    It took three cycles and with accu and tracking and some chinese herbs we got our precious little second bundle.
    I am a total believer in accu. I also have my horses treated and it works wonders for their performance levels (a horse won't get a placebo effect).
    Go for it!