thread: IVF Mum's - how many cycles

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    ness4 Guest

    IVF Mum's - how many cycles

    I was wondering how many cycles everyone had before falling pregnant and seeing the baby to full term

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    Sep 2004

    DD was IVF attempt #4, we are TTC#2 and this cycle is #11 since giving birth!

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    Jun 2005

    Hi ness,
    I was lucky, it happened for us first go. We had been TTC for 13 months but due to medications i was on for rhuematoid arthritis we could not fall naturallybecause the meds had built up a coating and little eggies were not sticking after fertalizing (so i have since been told). So through the IVF clinic (Hunter - in newcastle) i was taken off my normal meds, given asprin and clexane injections and thankfully the fertalized egg that was transfered back was a sticker. I now am waiting patiently for march to get here.

    Take care and good luck

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    DASH Guest

    Hi Ness,

    I wasn't allowed to transfer in my egg collection cycle because of Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome. It took 3 FETs, using 8 embryos, for success, now 32 weeks and counting.

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    angelique Guest

    Hi Dash,

    What were your symptoms of hyperstimulation?

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    DASH Guest

    Hi Angelique,

    Actually, I felt wonderful. Apparently hyperstimulation only occurs if there is a transfer and the HCG kicks in.

    Unfortunately my Progesterone and Oestrogen levels were so high after the egg collection that it was almost guaranteed, and the clinic (Repromed in Darwin) refused to implant. When they were talking about 40% chance of kidney failure and Intensive Care, I didn't argue too hard.

    Personally, I have found over the years that I just seem to have very high Progesterone levels. The Pill I was on for years was the highest dose, and they were a bit worried early in this pregnancy. Maybe I'm a bit insensitive to it.

    On the plus side, I got 28 eggs and 21 embryos from the ICSI, so I'm not complaining too hard.


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    angelique Guest

    Hi Dash,

    Did you have a successful pregnancy from your egg pickup or did you try something else?

    I guess I will have to wait and see then hey? I have untill friday and then it is all over with the injections (hopefully anyway)

    It is good that you did not feel anything as the side effects are quite bad.

    May I ask your age if you dont mind?

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    DASH Guest

    Hi Angelique,

    I have a successful pregnancy from a frozen transfer, now 33 weeks.

    It's actually starting to get a bit scary - I have been trying to get pregnant for years now, the baby and lifestyle changes are a bit of a shock.

    I am 30 now.